So. Another year is almost over and done with. I liked looking back at 2007 last year, making a slide show, and just reminiscing.

Rang in the new year at Minerva’s – headed there again this year, can’t wait for fire and freaky fun 😀

Surprise party for Tacoboy!

Went ghost hunting and we mostly just spooked ourselves as we wandered drunk in the dark and snow – such fun!

Heartburn at PEX – the first time Random and I were in the same room, and we never even knew it 😛 Great party even if it ended too soon.

PEX spin jams and conclave practice throughout the year – an awesome time and I got to know some people much better!

Met Neil Gaiman (again!) and talked BPAL 😛

Backyard birdhouse burn. Great way to say farewell to a friend’s lakehouse.

Minerva & Nabil’s housewarming party – where Random and I met in passing…..

PEX’s Phoenix Rising and Pirates vs Ninjas, at a club instead of home 😦

Spring PDF. Happy sigh. Has to be my top burn of all time. Except for every one since then…. ❤ Here Random and I finally connected, for good. Also, the awesomeness of Camp Deviant and the grilled cheese sammiches!!

Spring wildfire with Liana, Lucky, Andi, and Brian – tons of fun!

Figment NYC – even though we didn’t see much of the island, and we got caught in the rain, a wonderful day!

World Hoop Day and Hoopjams at the UU – the combo brings me big smiles and a peaceful heart. (you rule like a ruling thing that rules!) And firehooping for the first time thanks to ammre!!

Burning Man. What to say. Amazing as always. Relationship stayed strong despite travelling and dust storms. And we ended up getting married 😀

Fall PDF, amazing weather though a bit chilly at night, Deviants for the win.

Diamond dash scavenger hunt and scouring Philly for a diamond ring! Maybe next year!

PEX decom, back on familiar ground, best halloween ever!

Santacon NYC – lots of running around and catching up, or hanging with straggling santas… An odd year for sure but hey, at least we had bar dancing at Coyote Ugly!

There was the bad too.

My grandma Betty passing. The 4 car pile up in Random’s driveway. My friend Lhia’s bad accident. And more.

But in the end, the good outweighs the bad. My grandma no longer suffers. My car was ok. Lhia is thankful to be alive though she struggles with her recovery.

I’m so thankful for everything that happened this year. Growing closer with some friends, and making new ones. Always finding a new adventure, and trying to face all hardships with a sense of humor.

And you all are sick of the happy sappy I’m sure. But the past 7 months have been the best of my life and I am so thankful to have Random by my side, through thick and thin, I know that whatever happens we’ll get through it, and always remind each other of our awesomness. He is the love of my life and I look forward to the adventures we’ll continue to experience together!! i love you baby!

To each of you who made 2008 what it was, thank you, you ROCK!

May your new year be full of joy and peace and love!!!