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Reverb day 2

December 2 Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?
(Author: Leo Babauta)

Well, this prompt seems to assume that all the participants are writers. I may blog but I don’t consider myself a writer per se. And poking around the reverb site revealed I am supposed to write 750 words.  The main page doesn’t say that, in fact it includes tweeting and photography as alternatives to blogging.  OK so stop explaining away to pad to 750 words (screw that :P)  I will modify the question (the FAQs encourage that if you don’t like a topic) so what do I do each day that does NOT contribute to creativity?

Ha. The big answer there would be work.  Sure sometimes there’s a little creativity involved in solving problems, but that’s not the creativity I meant 😛  (It’s my blog and my rules!)  I mean creativity by CREATING – writing, photography, etc.  The only way work contributes to that is with a paycheck, which keeps me alive and able to spend money on camera equipment, and to take trips that fuel my creativity.  OK so in a roundabout, haftadoit kinda way it does contribute….

What else.  I suppose TV is a big creativity sucker, although there are a few shows that really get my imagination going and THOSE do contribute – say, Dr. Who – even if only for creative daydreams and conversations about time and parallel universes.

I know the point is to try to eliminate a habit or task that doesn’t serve us.  But I’m not sure what that would be for me.  Heck, I’d love to eliminate cleaning from my life, but yes, it is easier to be creative when there’s more space to work in!  Maybe just viewing all these things that seem unrelated in a new light, and how they do contribute to my creativity is something in itself…..

I’m not making it to 750 words today, and I’m ok with that!

Oh! I added SocialVibe to my sidebar on the right.  It is a simple plug in provided by WordPress, and people can spend a few minutes being advertised to in exchange for supporting a cause.  (There’s lots of great ones, I may rotate them out, but started with Ovarian Cancer Research as that is what my grandmother passed away from.)

Now, I tried it and I admit – this sucks much more than the click a day type ones!  I had to watch video clips, I had to upload a picture (I just threw some clip art in there, it didn’t say what the image would be used for), and I didn’t get the “bonus” because I refused to register my email and info with them.  I don’t care for the hoops they may jump through, but it is less than 5 minutes.  And it is for a good cause.  I suppose I’ll see if anyone actually uses it, if not I may remove it later and try to support charity through blogging in other ways.  But I won’t hold anything against you if you are as annoyed with the process as I am!

Reverb 10

Another blogging project which I may or may not abandon somewhere in the middle of the holiday crazies.  But I needed something to prompt me to actually post here, so I will!  Join me for Reverb 10, daily prompts for the month of December focused on reflecting on 2010 and manifesting for 2011!

December 1 One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

It may be an obvious cop out, but I have to say Marriage.  So much of the year was focused on planning and enjoying our wedding festivities and honeymoon, which do not a marriage make, but the transition into a marriage is a significant one.  The year flew by and I know much of the focus was on preparing for that one day, but by the time we said our vows, we already felt married!

It was a transition that started over two years ago when we had our “playa wedding”, and both felt in our hearts that there was much more truth to that spiritual (but not legal) act.  This year was about bringing that part of us and our lives out in the open, legally and officially recognized by our friends, families, and community.  It was a blast! And yet, I am SOOOO glad it’s over! 😀  While I would love to relive the wedding day itself in slow-mo over and over again so I don’t miss a single moment, it was an intense year.  I have relished the return to the mundane and the comfort of being husband and wife, even on nights we are apart.

Yup – there have been some already and there will be more – Random is working a few hours away and spending several nights a week out there!  I cried about it for two days – of course it happened during PMS – but the marriage is a comfort that we are more permanent than any job, and we’ll get through anything together.  (And then I think of couples who are separated for months while serving in the military, and that just stops my complaining right then and there. For a few hours anyway.)

For 2011?  Oh there are so many I could see…. but I am focusing on making one word happen in 2011 – Adventure!  Grand Adventure! if I’d be allowed to have two words…  Some of you may know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure we’ll do a Big Announcement type thing, but I don’t feel right doing that here without discussing it first with Random.  Maybe on New Years Day or something 😛  I think our wedding blog will be transitioning to the Grand Adventure blog, but first we have thank you notes and holiday shopping and baking cookies and getting the tree up.  So y’all will just have to wait! 😀


Won’t you join me on Reverb10?

And because every post is better with photos, just like every bar is better with theme nights…

Corset night/Birthday celebration at the bar with some great gals!