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Going Home!

Heading out tomorrow to Reno for Burning Man! Limited internet access until Monday, and then going completely off-grid for a week!

Hey, I submitted a blog on the burn to my local website’s blog – don’t know when they will post it, but hopefully today!

If you are heading out the burn, stop by my camp. Home Brew camp with the casket beer tap on the corner, along 5:30 somewhere.  We were also in the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter –


Hello, I would like to invite everyone to Home Brew Camp at Burning Man to get pickled at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon for a tasting of pickled stuff (cukes, watermelon, onion, eggs, beans, peppers, okra, olives, etc.) please bring your favorite to share!! There will also be home brew.

On Thursday morning 9am we will be holding our lounge Brunch so put on some fancy silks and bring a brunch treat to share … we will have booze soaked fruit pancakes for those who dare. Please stop by ANYTIME for a beer we are a non-registered camp and plan to be on 5:30, just look for the coffin serving beer and soda.


(It’s not entirely clear, but the brunch is a lingerie brunch!)

Yup, so Home Brew for a Home brew, with the coffin on a corner along 5:30 – that’s where I’ll be!! Stop by and visit!

Also, catch me perform in the conclave group – performance at PEX on Thursday night at 8 pm (PEX is in Fifth Dimension Village, Esplanade and 8 o’clock) and before the main burn Saturday. We were given our position as between 3 and 6, but if the group goes in the same order it is listed, I suspect we’ll be closest to 4 on the circle. However, group sizes vary, and we have a smaller group…. get there early and look for us if you want to be sure of where we are!

Flying out tomorrow from Philly, returning late Tuesday Sept 2. Hope to see you on the playa!!!!

Rodin's "The Kiss"

Rodin - "The Kiss" (Photo by flickr user gherm)

hymn to the sacred body of the universe
(drew dellinger)

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs

for one instant
to dwell in the presence of the galaxies
for one instant
to live in the truth of the heart
the poet says this entire traveling cosmos is
“the secret One slowly growing a body”

two eagles are mating—
clasping each other’s claws
and turning cartwheels in the sky
grasses are blooming
grandfathers dying
consciousness blinking on and off
all of this is happening at once
all of this, vibrating into existence
out of nothingness

every particle
foaming into existence
transcribing the ineffable

arising and passing away
arising and passing away
23 trillion times per second—
when Buddha saw that,
he smiled

16 million tons of rain are falling every second
on the planet
an ocean
perpetually falling
and every drop
is your body
every motion, every feather, every thought
is your body
is your body,
and the infinite
curled inside like
invisible rainbows folded into light

every word of every tongue is love
telling a story to her own ears

let our lives be incense
like a hymn to the sacred
body of the universe
my religion is rain
my religion is stone
my religion reveals itself to me in
sweaty epiphanies

every leaf, every river,
every animal,
your body
every creature trapped in the gears
of corporate nightmares
every species made extinct
was once
your body

10 million people are dreaming
that they’re flying
junipers and violets are blossoming
stars exploding and being born
is having
déjà vu
I am one
we cry petals
as the void
is singing

you are the dark
that holds the stars
in intimate

that spun the whirling,
into existence

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs

Happy World Hoop Day!


IMG_1340, originally uploaded by k8et.


It’s World Hoop Day! May you all enjoy the hoopbliss of swirling in circles!!

I’ll be running over to Wayne NJ to hoop it up with Ter’i Buttafly in celebration (Holler to me or her if you want to join us! 5:30 pm and onwards.) Or check out or the hula hooping tribe for events local to you!

Besides World Hoop Day, my friend says:

“Opening of the “Triple-8” gate on the Earth Plane. The Olympics aren’t the only thing starting on 8/8/08!

8 is a power number in several traditions.
8 turned sideways is the symbol of infinity; it’s also a representation of two souls facing each other and linking. (think about it for a moment…)

The triple-8 stargate is an opportunity to breathe new life into your projects before the time of completion (which is signified in the number 9) It’s a quickening.

Yes, there was a triple-eight two years ago (8/8/2006). I see that as the gate opening on the astral plane. This triple-8 is the energy arriving on the material plane.

Just to further muddy the waters, a link for consideration:
Once past the “woo-woo,” there are some excellent concepts to be pondered.

Tighten your seatbelts, ladies & germs!”

Working to find cool stuff I can never afford!!

The daisy-chain of websites started with my daily check of – great for a laugh, or waste a week reading the whole site. *looks innocent*

Top of the page is a link to a new site of theirs, – where cool stuff of various price ranges is showcased.

And now, equine lover that I am… I want this stool!!!

How much? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

And now I’m curious about what exactly IS lomography, and how can I get some of these cool cameras without reverting to pricey film development??

A camera with a fake fur bikini? Come one, what burner DOESN’T want one?

How about disposable cameras with optional color filter over the flash? Hmm starting at $10 each, I don’t use too many cameras out at the burn… If only I had spare cash right now!

Some of these are just TOO cool…

OK OK… If I’m going to get credit for staying this late at work I’d better get off my blog.

(More cool cameras here)


How many days till the Burn???

Procrastinating from working, wanted to share some upcoming events!

Friday 8/8/8! An auspicious day, and World Hoop Day!!!! For jersey folks, Teri is having a gathering in Wayne from 5:30 onwards. Contact me for more details! I’ll be there until dusk-ish.

Saturday 8/9/08 – PEX Compression Party!!!!  You know the PEX parties of past, through experience or reputation.  Yes, this is a different venue – we broke it in for Phoenix Rising.  It still has the awesome PEX energy (despite overpriced drinks and thorough searches by bouncers! Be respectful and law abiding and they’ll treat you fine. You are allowed in and out of the place however, not that I’m condoning any illegal behaviour… But I suppose a drinkypoo in the parking lot is not illegal if you don’t drive with an open container or while inebriated! right? ;o)  AND no pesky limits on invites, we have plenty of room for all! Just remember to dress up (ARrrrgh! pirate or ninja??) or you’ll pay a hefty entrance fee. 

The following weekend I’ll be winemaking Friday night, hanging with some cool cats in frenchtown Saturday night, and freaking out about packing the rest of the time. 

Friday Aug 15th, 9 pm, Playa del Fuego tickets go on sale!  My awesome crew of gals is talking about making our group an official theme camp this time… If you are interested in attending for the first time, or camping with us, contact me because space near me will be limited! But we’ll have a satellite area in open camping as well.  Fall PDF is October 9 – 13.

August 25 – Sept 1: Burning Man WHEEEEEEEE!!! I’ll be camped along 5:30 somewhere, look for a casket bar/keg system on a corner, a bunch of old hippies in tiedye, and possibly a pool table as well.  Home brew for the home brew is the name of our unofficial theme camp.  Catch my conclave group performance at PEX’s camp (Esplanade and 8:00) Thursday evening, 8 pm, or right before the Man burns Saturday night!


Is there life after Burning Man? Yes, there is…. It just gets much more relaxed. ;o)  I’m not planning on fall Wildfire (and it sold out in less than 2 days!) and we have PDF of course.  And before you plan any fun halloween parties, put PEX’s decompression halloween party on your calendar for October 25!!!

Whatever fits.

its okay that you want to do a zillion different things.

i am the same way.

and that doesnt make us flighty.

that makes us curious and so totally not boring.

and besides, there are enough people walking down the same road,
wearing the same hat, and following the rules perfectly.

i say we try it all on and take what fits and toss what doesn’t.

i think the way you are is absolutely brilliant.

have at it girly,
have at it.

this is YOUR life, not theirs.

(text from Jen Gray)