Heading out tomorrow to Reno for Burning Man! Limited internet access until Monday, and then going completely off-grid for a week!

Hey, I submitted a blog on the burn to my local website’s blog – don’t know when they will post it, but hopefully today!

If you are heading out the burn, stop by my camp. Home Brew camp with the casket beer tap on the corner, along 5:30 somewhere.  We were also in the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter –


Hello, I would like to invite everyone to Home Brew Camp at Burning Man to get pickled at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon for a tasting of pickled stuff (cukes, watermelon, onion, eggs, beans, peppers, okra, olives, etc.) please bring your favorite to share!! There will also be home brew.

On Thursday morning 9am we will be holding our lounge Brunch so put on some fancy silks and bring a brunch treat to share … we will have booze soaked fruit pancakes for those who dare. Please stop by ANYTIME for a beer we are a non-registered camp and plan to be on 5:30, just look for the coffin serving beer and soda.


(It’s not entirely clear, but the brunch is a lingerie brunch!)

Yup, so Home Brew for a Home brew, with the coffin on a corner along 5:30 – that’s where I’ll be!! Stop by and visit!

Also, catch me perform in the conclave group – performance at PEX on Thursday night at 8 pm (PEX is in Fifth Dimension Village, Esplanade and 8 o’clock) and before the main burn Saturday. We were given our position as between 3 and 6, but if the group goes in the same order it is listed, I suspect we’ll be closest to 4 on the circle. However, group sizes vary, and we have a smaller group…. get there early and look for us if you want to be sure of where we are!

Flying out tomorrow from Philly, returning late Tuesday Sept 2. Hope to see you on the playa!!!!