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an art bicycle/kinetic sculpture by some of the phine philly peeps ;o)

PDF sunset

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All my pics are up at

Playa del Fuego

Fire Spinners around the Pony Burn, originally uploaded by vees.

Photo by Rob Carlson

I’m beyond words about this spring PDF…. it was absolutely amazing, and I want to be back….

Photo is my first time in the conclave for PDF – it’s not choreographed like the one Burning Man, but I usually end up drinking the night of the big burn and never participated before this.

Oh, and to top off the incredible weekend, my art proposal for an installation in center camp at Burning Man was accepted!!! Wheeeeee!!!

Danny and Bo


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Some of you at Spring ’07 Playa Del Fuego may remember the guy with a piano, a truck, and a dog… Danny is selling his house and possessions to raise funds for a trip to bring music and love to everyone he and Bo meets, and eventually get to China! If you can’t support him financially, please keep him in your thoughts and send some good wishes his way. Below is his request for help and information. Thanks!

In Friendship,

This is a request for support.

For those of you I have not yet met, I am Danny Kean the Traveling Piano man. I “Bring the Beat to the Street” working as an individual with no commercial, organizational or political affiliation. The Traveling Piano brings music to people. It’s about inspiring. It’s about encouraging and empowering people to express themselves freely through music. The Traveling Piano delivers the gift of creativity, a lift of spirits, friendship and respect for communities and people from all walks of life.

For over 20 years I have had the fortune of being able to work with a full time career performing piano from the back of a pickup truck. I have called my entertainment property Raggin’ Piano Boogie. I have had repeat bookings yearly throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York states of America. Engagements have been mostly for community special events and business promotion. Whether for a huge audience in the hundreds of thousands or for small intimate groups… one thing has never changed. I am constantly thrilled by the relationship that is created when people get together and share music. A sense of community ensues and to feel the vibration, the energy, to see the smiles… these experiences validate for me time and time again how truly music is the language of the soul.

What is the most significant difference between Raggin’ Piano Boogie and the Traveling Piano? Raggin’ Piano Boogie paid the bills with performance and fees. There are no costs or fees for the operation, talent and expertise of Traveling Piano. How has life’s ongoing bills been paid? On a wing and a prayer, I could use a little more security in this area… 🙂 I am determined to continue sharing spontaneous musical performances. This is what I do best and what I most have to offer for the world. It is wonderful to experience thousands of strangers coming together as one… in friendship… though music.

A large part of what I now offer is to share the piano on the truck for others to play… especially for those who have never before tried to create music on a piano. Personally, while sharing and creating connections with people through musical listening experiences, these are the most blessed moments for me. Most of all I am blessed to share the love and joy that piano dog Boner has to offer. He is the best buddy ever! Bo hangs out on top of the piano with me and is coming on 14 years of age.

I am on a mission, a journey… the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration! The present plan is to ship the Traveling Piano overseas to China. My dog Bo and I are out to create musical fun, friendship and respect, with no cost for anyone and especially for rural areas where musicians rarely visit. Upon returning to the United States, Alaska will be the starting point where we will continue the musical empowerment and inspiration throughout both the rural farmlands and urban cities of America.

The catalyst for Traveling Piano’s present focus is all about piano dog, Boner. As a partner with Bo, I have come to know him as a complete lover of people and life. Together we have always enjoyed every opportunity to experience and share our love and joy. We want to continue doing that with as many people as possible while we are still together as a team. I have a dream for the world to meet Boner before he retires.

Support is needed for this journey! Please become a patron whether it be financially, in-kind, in spirit, personally or with influence. We need help logistically and with communication, volunteerism… assistance on every level and for every aspect of this venture! I have done my part to raise funding through the sale of my home and the offering of my worldly possessions.

From the past almost three years throughout America and Mexico there is a daily musical log with extensive writings and pictures to explore from the Traveling Piano see… … The month of March 2008 is dedicated specifically to the most memorable experiences to date. More information can also be found at… is a fundraising site where you will find thousands of personal items I am presenting to share with you in the hope that you’ll participate in, be part of with contribution to the Journey of Peregrinating Music Exploration. Please contribute financially and also help empty out my house! On the websites you can also find two recent television interview links… one from the Associated Press… the other from NBC10 News. These will help you to know us better.


Danny Kean



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Angela rocks at bringing a little peace and spirituality to a not-so-normal club night at Shampoo, where PEX held Phoenix Rising this past weekend.

cute x3


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what else can I say…

Phoenix Rising

New Rules


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New venue, new rules… and BOY were they harsh if you broke one! ;o)

(Kidding! Shampoo staff rocked.)

(Phoenix Rising)


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Follow the white rabbit, down the rabbit hole…. (Phoenix Rising)



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From Phoenix Rising. With this much beauty around, and alcohol and steez, who can sleep???


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The lovely Mayra from PEX’s Phoenix Rising