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Day 4

Day 4, originally uploaded by k8et.

Took a bag of “free” stuff for friends to pick through on True Blood
night – tiara and wand included!

Day 3

Day 3, originally uploaded by k8et.

Today’s thing – wedding invites! Gone! 😀

Day 2

This is an electric grill.  It ain’t no George Forman, and Random’s mom just gave him one of those!
Anyone want it? If no reply by Wednesday, it goes in the trash!!

Ah I can’t not introduce August.  I’ll be posting an image each day of something I am getting rid of.  I’ll be selling, donating, or trashing it. I’m probably going to post a few words, in case it’s something available to whoever comes here. But otherwise, trying to not blog and focus on keeping the productivity high! And backdate? Who would ever backdate just to start on August 1? That’s not even possible, I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about 😛

Old pic, New “release”.  My most valuable BPAL bottle (and accompanying imp) is going on Ebay today! (Er, Monday!)