It stinks that my birthday is at a time of year where I usually don’t feel very festive.  It gets dark early, I crave a rest from the craziness of spring/summer/fall, but I know that my birthday hits, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and it’s a lot. A lot of lot.  I always dream of January being one big nap, but then that never happens either.  Funny enough, two people I know posted this weekend about the same thing and the natural cycles of the seasons.

So yeah, it’s been quiet, at least outwardly on this blog, and thoughts/energy turn inwards.  And I have the odd desire to bake.

I’m trying not to be overzealous in wedding planning, but man did I need a new project to occupy inactive parts of my mind, and this one is a doozy 😀  We set the date and venue, and right now nothing is very stressful or urgent.  But it’s stirred up my crafting juices, which haven’t been used for much other than costuming lately, and I’m back on a craft kick.  And though the wedding was an excuse to buy a new toy, I think it will be used for other events more. 😛

I got a die cutter so that I can make felt flowers.  (Michael’s had them 40% off, and I had 15% off on top of that.)

Felt flowers are an alternative to real flowers in weddings, and made hugely popular by Princess Lasertron selling them on Etsy.  They are beautiful arrangements, and I admire the time/talent she has put into them. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I’m enjoying making my own version!  (I’m more inspired by than outright copying her, though I am going to try some embroidery as well!)  (you can also make your own from a kit she sells on etsy!)

Anyway, PL I’m not, but I only opened my die cutter for 20 minutes of unpacking and playing last night, and I already have these…

I threw one on a headband and wore it to work today!


So yeah.  Luckily the crafting bug hit me in time for some holiday presents and may help me save some money, but either way I’m enjoying it.  And oo0 – more gifts for burns!!! After the initial expense of the die cutter and flower shapes, these probably cost less than 20 cents each to make!