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Rainbows and Snow

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. Oh wait, first rule of blogging, don’t make every entry apologize for not blogging more.

But I have been quieter on the blog front – for a bunch of reasons, but partly for the holidays and the hibernation tendancies of winter.

Speaking of winter. One weekend morning during our first real snow of the season, I tested out a new kind of pancake.


It started as a promise to a rainbow loving friend to make these the next slumber party she hosts, but Random was a very eager guinea pig to try them out for me when I surprised him with them!  We even discussed making them various fruit flavors, but blue would be the challenge (as blueberries turn pancakes purple…)

Photos from Santacon NJ/NYC 2009 are here – my fisheye film camera was the only one to go along for the ride this time.

I almost started a new 365 project for 2010. Then didn’t, when all I had a week into it was a shot after midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, I can start anytime, but probably won’t in January since I didn’t start on the first! 

I have photos that need to be sorted/edited/posted to flickr (holidays and NYE), and I need to take photos more often (new lens and flash between birthday and Christmas!).  Otherwise, we are planning the wedding, everyone else’s wedding that we are in and have to travel for, and fit all that into our PTO and budget – fun!

Oh yeah – PEX Heartburn, Feb. 13. Tickets on sale now and will sell out!!! 

I want to get back to blogging more – not these nonsense silly stream of thought updates, but saying less with more, posting more photos.  Some things happened that made me more private recently, (nothing serious, just minor reminders of how public the internet is) which make me draw back.  But when I do post what I’m feeling/thinking about, I feel more of a connection to others who feel the same, and that’s what’s exciting about blogging.  Right now, I just feel like it’s narcissitic and pointless at best 😛  Some of my biggest issues that I’d love to get out of my head don’t belong in a public space right now, so it’s probably for the best.  But I promise never to leave for good.

1 ‘con down, 1 to go.


All pics are here.

And awayyyyyy we go…..

Final countdown.

Less than 5 hours till starting location for NY santacon is announced.

Want to see my to-do list?? Sure ya do.  (I’m stuck in the office still, anxious to leave and cross things off!!)

– shopping at Walgreens for snacks and costuming items/makeup.
– make christmas poi.
– finish my costume.
– run to friend’s house to pick up stuff from her that I’m borrowing.
– figure out which camera to take. make sure batteries are charged and memory card is empty.
– pack bag for tomorrow. fill camelback with alcohol!

– toss air mattresses and sleeping bags in car for hotel. (IN MORNING)
– possibly run to staples for new wireless router cuz yeah. if you can’t tell how addicted I am to the internet you don’t know me well enough. (home internet works now, but the router doesn’t.) this was totally going to get pushed to sunday but i have a geek boyfriend ;o) (yay!)
– shower & crash


– get up. get dressed. complain about cold and lack of caffeine.
– air mattresses in car.
– drive to hotel. check in if possible.
– PATH to NY, get to starting location.

And it’s all downhill from there 😀

Santacon Update

I set up a group text message thing, only for people that I (or my merry band of Deviant elves) know personally, for NYC and PEX santacons.

If that means you, and you want updates on where we are during santacon, let me know. (I need either your email or your phone #.  my email is k8et1120 (at) gmail (dot) com.)

If I don’t know you – and I see a lot of people finding my blog looking for santacon updates – sorry, no offense, please follow my twitter and I’ll try to keep you up to date as well.  (One person left a comment on my about me page, asking me to email him, but left no email!!)

I do NOT have ANY insider info.  I will only know what is posted at 10 pm friday night, and where we are at any given moment in the city – I won’t know where we are headed when we are travelling.

See you Ho’s soon! 😀

NY Santacon

I’ll post more about this later, but for those who want to stay in touch the day of NYC Santacon, PM me for my number if you don’t have it.  – starting location will be announced night before at 10 pm.

starts at 10 am saturday dec 13. I’m not sure when our group is joining – either for the start, or noonish to be better rested up for a long night ;o)

rather than mass texting people who have asked me for updates (cuz you know my brain! i already forget who asked me first! :D)  subscribe to my twitter and set it to update you via text messages. i’m sure you’ll want to cancel it after santacon, but for now, it’s easiest…

WHOOT! er, i mean HO HO HO!!!


** Wear warm layers as festive as you can get, bring a metrocard, booze, water, snacks, comfy shoes.