Final countdown.

Less than 5 hours till starting location for NY santacon is announced.

Want to see my to-do list?? Sure ya do.  (I’m stuck in the office still, anxious to leave and cross things off!!)

– shopping at Walgreens for snacks and costuming items/makeup.
– make christmas poi.
– finish my costume.
– run to friend’s house to pick up stuff from her that I’m borrowing.
– figure out which camera to take. make sure batteries are charged and memory card is empty.
– pack bag for tomorrow. fill camelback with alcohol!

– toss air mattresses and sleeping bags in car for hotel. (IN MORNING)
– possibly run to staples for new wireless router cuz yeah. if you can’t tell how addicted I am to the internet you don’t know me well enough. (home internet works now, but the router doesn’t.) this was totally going to get pushed to sunday but i have a geek boyfriend ;o) (yay!)
– shower & crash


– get up. get dressed. complain about cold and lack of caffeine.
– air mattresses in car.
– drive to hotel. check in if possible.
– PATH to NY, get to starting location.

And it’s all downhill from there 😀