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So yeah. I decided to do NaBloPoMo, and in addition, a photo a day challenge for myself.  (I started Project 365 on flickr, but stopped when my old camera broke. 30 is less intimidating than 365 ;o)  But, if I don’t take a photo on a day, I’ll give myself permission to use an OLD photo, with some time touching it up in photoshop to sharpen those skills. K?  

Oh, and a blog post a day is just that.  Doesn’t have to be text, can just be a photo.  Doesn’t have to be witty.  The photos don’t have to be amazing (I got desperate fast in the two weeks I did Project 365!!! Seriously).  The concept is to DO IT.  To be willing to do it BADLY, in order to learn, and improve your skills.  And maybe something worthwhile comes out of it, among all the silly nonsense.

And yeah, it only hit me now that November starts tomorrow. 

Why do I do this to myself?  Who knows*.  At least it’s not a novel


* oh yeah. Because I want to take more photos and write more, which are among my 43 things to do. That’s why.  And even when I dislike it, I work better under pressure…

Forget how many shopping days till Christmas, how many shopping days until Santacon??

If you want the details on what/where/when Santacon is, email me. 

Is it a bar crawl?  Yes, parts of it.  Do you have to drink? No, but it helps get you in the holiday spirits. 

Is it a flash mob or performance art of some sort?  Kinda.  A big part of the fun is having over 1,000 santas appearing in public and surprising people!

Is it kid friendly?  Not so much in that not many kids tag along – though I’ve seen a few babies.  And we often give candy and small gifts to kids we pass during the day.  But we also sing naughty carols, and after dark, it’s DEFINITELY not kid friendly! 


Is it crazy?  Is it fun?  Yes and Yes!  (there is a NYC date posted here but it’s not 100% verified…)

Pics from past events: (mine and some friends)

Down the Rabbit Hole

What can I say….

PEX rocked like it hasn’t rocked since last Heartburn!  It was GREAT to be home again!! We partied for almost 14 hours and we’re still recovering.

I let rabbit have an adventure as I “chased” him – found him magically just before it was time to leave! But he’s still not talking about where he was and what fun he had all night ;o)

The costumes worked out great and were worth all the work.  The Deviants ROCKED the ice luge, and the kissing bandit drew quite the crowd of customers! ;o)  Other favorite memories – a conversation without a conversation with Lucky.  (I know. He knows. It’s awesome.)  The rocking conversations and cuddles on the swing.  Thinking Laura was a bunny and saying I’d chase her all night, when she was actually a lamb!  The same old “we need to hang out more, we live 10 minutes from each other!” conversation with Cat and Adam.  (ETA: How could I forget?? Hanging with Andi and Billy after, Billy’s AMAZING blacklight flag show, trying to teach people Fluxx 😀 and sitting on the trampoline in the fall sun…) And every special moment shared with my love. ❤

See all my pics from the night here:

Other than that, what happens at PEX, stays at PEX. 😀  Especially the third floor!

Huge love to everyone who made the party happen and to all those who attended.  You are all gorgeous sexy souls and make life worth living! Counting down the days until Heartburn…

Costuming Talk

On to more pressing items ;o)

I’m about to go home and finish working on our costumes.  Alice in Burnerland and Mad Hatter.  Started out just wanting to steampunk it – mine won’t be hugely steampunk (though gears, potions, and goggles are involved) and a bit, funky, so Burner/Playawear covers all 😀  still should be recognizable.  Photos coming soon, as I finish more!!

Started with this McCalls pattern – it comes in kids and adult sizes.


The little blue and white dress.  I did have a pattern I liked better, but it was $16, and this was on sale for $2.  No brainer.  It’s actually a very good pattern and results in a quality dress, not a costume level item.  Which means more time. :/

So my modifications… Take the blue dress as shown. Remove the top of apron. Make neckline lower. Decide to wear white corset on top, make neckline even lower, but wearable without the corset and still not flashing people ;o)  Skirt will be shorter, above the knee, with a crinolin (hopefully) underneath to make it more full.  White eyelet along edge of skirt just because I like it! (If I have enough!)

Apron will have pockets, gears, vials*, chain (ala pocketwatch)…. who knows what else. It’s not done yet.

White wide headband with silver goggles on my head.

Black and white checkered tights, same for wristwarmers, and cute black shoes I wore with my rockabilly costume last year.

One stuffed white rabbit. Hopefully with a vest (hitting kids department!!) and pocketwatch, we’ll see.

I stole the apron ideas from this post in a steampunk LJ comm.  (Can’t wait to see her outfit!)

Anyway – blue dress is 90% done – rather than handstitching some lining/hems I’m going to grab some iron on hem tape stuff. Make the crinolin and hem the skirt. Make apron and headband.

Finish pants for Random’s Mad hatter outfit (I only made the hat and pants. Just need to do the waistband/buttonholes/buttons.) Oh – and arm bands and a cravat.  He needs to steampunk his teapot that we found, and make a 9/10 sign for his hat.

That’s it for the most part. I need to figure out a purse of some kind for myself (if all else fails just a small bag of blue fabric, unless I find something at Walmart)  I keep thinking it’s not much work but worked feverishly for 4 hours last night and not done with the dress… The night before worked 2-3 hours on pants (which were cut and started) and I didn’t get the waistband/buttonholes/buttons done. We’ll see!!

Definitely looking forward to the finished product. 😀


* Also stolen from the LJ post referenced, they will be labeled “Drink Me,” “Cheshire Cat Bitters,” “Jabberwocky Repellant,” or such.  Rather than antique bottles, though, mine are test tube shots 😀

I haven’t gotten political yet.  Meaning, I’ve barely talked, researched, done much except keep one eye on political news (and not watching much TV news or debates at all)

I’m about to.  I mean no offense to anyone with differing views, and respect all opinions that are made with SOUND judgement, and not just blind reactions to smear campaigns.  One reason I DON’T get involved in political discussions is that most of the time, I don’t know enough to back up my side.  But I know enough for me, personally, to be comfortable and I’m content with that for the most part.

More under the cut!

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Love Park

DSCF1704, originally uploaded by k8et.

At the Love sculpture, in front of a fountain dyed pink for the breast cancer walk.

We took a few photos, but haven’t downloaded them from the camera yet. However, Robbins Jewelers got a few photos of us!

Us in line

Me in line

Minerva & Nabil

from the following albums:  Picasa  Robbin’s site

to know how lucky I am.  😀


But if you want to cross your fingers, a $20k diamond ring would be awfully nice.

This is what my love sent in for the application to be considered for the competition:

We should get chosen to play simply because we are awesome.  We met a little over five months ago at Playa del Fuego.  “Playa del Fuego” is a regional Burning Man event.  If you don’t know what Burning Man is, you are missing something amazing.  Look it up.  Since we met, we have been inseparable.


We love random adventures and have wanted to go on a treasure hunt together since we met and I think this would be the perfect opportunity.   We already have had a temporary marriage out at Burning Man and I think it would be great to upgrade the plastic wedding bands to something nicer. 


So if you want couple that is full of ‘win’ in your contest, chose us.




Nate and Katie or otherwise know as Random and Hunnybear.

(picture enclosed of us out at Burning Man)


So with a little luck, we may be getting up at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow to race around Philly on a treasure hunt.


But I’m already a winner ❤

The amount of writing (mostly in emails/forums) I’ve done this week… I should just be a writer ;o)

Exhaustion hit me like a brick wall half an hour ago. I guess I am still tired from PDF, despite sleeping in on monday in a bed, but I only got to sleep in my own bed last night after a long day (2+ hour commute, workday, visiting dad for his birthday…)  I’m afraid I’m fighting off being sick. I can’t afford that, literally (I’d have to take a sick day unpaid, meanwhile they want mandatory OT at work), so fuck the unpacking and costume sewing. I’m taking it easy tonight and catching up with my DVR. The only critical things on my to-do list are feed the kitties and myself.

I want to do Nablopomo again this year, but strive for quality blog posts as well as posting everyday. I’m not masochistic enough to do Nanowrimo this year.

So, I need some help. I know I have some people reading this, but don’t hear from you often ;o)  I want some random questions or topics you’d like to hear me answer. List as many as you want. I’ll try to get to all of them (I tend to be fairly open, at least when questioned, but will keep in mind that family/coworkers can read this!) 

You can start leaving ideas now, although I won’t be using them until November 1.  And I’ll remind you closer to the date.

Yeah. Ok. I feel like I can fall asleep sitting up right now. I’m going, and thankful that I have a very short drive home. Take care y’all.

Playa Del Fuego

I arrived and was hugged by campmates.
I was a deviant (we had a theme camp, Camp Deviants).
I read deviant poetry.

I had my ranger shirt deviant-ified.
I made up many words over the weekend. Many involved -tastic or -licious.
I rangered.
I spread the word about B.E.D.
I hugged many many many friends, old and new.
I made dinner that not many people were hungry for, and burned the hell out of the hot dogs. *shrug*
I recruited volunteers and rangers.
I had my love arrive and find me despite my not getting his text (I was going to meet him) and showed him to the camp.
I drank.  A bit too much of a mixture of things.
I wore a lot of green.

I hung out in an irish pub with a wall and a red door, and watched a man in a kilt and studded leather sing show tunes with a man who tends to scamper around on all fours better than most can walk on two.
I watched my friend try to peek under the kilt.
I hooped while drunk, while wearing pants and a skirt, and did a jump-in without breaking my neck.
I laughed at the Potter posse predicaments and trying to come up with more alliteration.
I think I finally can remember which Potter is which.
I avoided getting sick and my love put me to bed.
I woke and laughed with those who never went to bed as I munched on ginger snaps.
I lounged lazily and was fed breakfast.
I cooked a gazillion (felt like it) grilled cheese sammiches. and I missed most of the deviant acts performed by the customers. but I got to see their smiles.
I dressed in a tacky 80’s dress, and laughed as campmates competed for the best jersey 80’s hairdo.
I wore too much orange (at least when standing next to my love. and those with orange hair.)

I wished my love a happy half-playa-versary. ❤
I watched the pony burn. Only it was a seahorse. I took a few hundred photos.

I danced to 80’s music.
I tried to disappear in the mist.
I theme camp hopped, then fire barrel hopped.
I wandered all night (pretty much) with my love, soaking in every luscious moment, and there were so many.
I fell asleep at dawn in his arms.
I had another lazy morning and was fed breakfast again.
I was gifted a rose.
I hooped.
I wandered in the sunny afternoon, in skimpy clothes, it couldn’t be october.
I soaked in the wonderful energy of PEX/PLF.
I packed up, reluctant to leave.
I ate from the huge buffet my campmates cooked.
I ate candy necklaces, only they weren’t necklaces, and not around someones neck….
I said sad goodbyes.
I watched a pirate ship burn.
I left home. For the time being.


To sum it up…. Sun. Cold night mist. Fire barrels. Fire. Music. Hooping. Food. Deviance. Laughing. Friendship. and most of all, Love.  PDF is always all these things, but even more so with my soulmate and love by my side throughout. ❤ 


Is it spring yet?


See you at PEX.