I arrived and was hugged by campmates.
I was a deviant (we had a theme camp, Camp Deviants).
I read deviant poetry.

I had my ranger shirt deviant-ified.
I made up many words over the weekend. Many involved -tastic or -licious.
I rangered.
I spread the word about B.E.D.
I hugged many many many friends, old and new.
I made dinner that not many people were hungry for, and burned the hell out of the hot dogs. *shrug*
I recruited volunteers and rangers.
I had my love arrive and find me despite my not getting his text (I was going to meet him) and showed him to the camp.
I drank.  A bit too much of a mixture of things.
I wore a lot of green.

I hung out in an irish pub with a wall and a red door, and watched a man in a kilt and studded leather sing show tunes with a man who tends to scamper around on all fours better than most can walk on two.
I watched my friend try to peek under the kilt.
I hooped while drunk, while wearing pants and a skirt, and did a jump-in without breaking my neck.
I laughed at the Potter posse predicaments and trying to come up with more alliteration.
I think I finally can remember which Potter is which.
I avoided getting sick and my love put me to bed.
I woke and laughed with those who never went to bed as I munched on ginger snaps.
I lounged lazily and was fed breakfast.
I cooked a gazillion (felt like it) grilled cheese sammiches. and I missed most of the deviant acts performed by the customers. but I got to see their smiles.
I dressed in a tacky 80’s dress, and laughed as campmates competed for the best jersey 80’s hairdo.
I wore too much orange (at least when standing next to my love. and those with orange hair.)

I wished my love a happy half-playa-versary. ❤
I watched the pony burn. Only it was a seahorse. I took a few hundred photos.

I danced to 80’s music.
I tried to disappear in the mist.
I theme camp hopped, then fire barrel hopped.
I wandered all night (pretty much) with my love, soaking in every luscious moment, and there were so many.
I fell asleep at dawn in his arms.
I had another lazy morning and was fed breakfast again.
I was gifted a rose.
I hooped.
I wandered in the sunny afternoon, in skimpy clothes, it couldn’t be october.
I soaked in the wonderful energy of PEX/PLF.
I packed up, reluctant to leave.
I ate from the huge buffet my campmates cooked.
I ate candy necklaces, only they weren’t necklaces, and not around someones neck….
I said sad goodbyes.
I watched a pirate ship burn.
I left home. For the time being.


To sum it up…. Sun. Cold night mist. Fire barrels. Fire. Music. Hooping. Food. Deviance. Laughing. Friendship. and most of all, Love.  PDF is always all these things, but even more so with my soulmate and love by my side throughout. ❤ 


Is it spring yet?


See you at PEX.