Yes yes, simplifying by doing more ;o)  but this is necessary for my sanity, and being able to relocate if/when I want or have to!! Not to mention being able to walk around my apartment and use the closets.

Found some cool links today, so keeping it here for a record.

A while ago I knew about Apartment Therapy, but I keep forgetting to check it regularly or take part in challenges.

Today I found Zen Habits and the Unclutterer.

I’m at the point where I want to toss every item in my apartment in the dumpster.  Obviously not going to happen.  However I do need to get rid of much of my stuff – I suspect a lot of it will be trashed when it could be donated/sold, but I’ve been using the donation/freecycle/sell on ebay excuse for way too long as I put off this task and it grows larger and larger.

Do you need something? Let me know. I may have it. Ask now before it’s gone.  I may send out notices when about to trash something possibly useful, and give friends a 24 hour window to come salvage it…

Currently on my list of soon to be in the dumpster: (Note, many items are full of cat hair and dust, in case you have allergies.)

– 4 large, heavy dense floor pillows from walmart. Nowhere near clean, as they went camping and to henna gigs with me.  Bonus: bright yellow fake fur covers for them.

– A cheap walmart area rug, dark red with black, cream, other colors, oriental looking.  From memory, I guess about 4’x6′

Photos of rug and floor pillows located here

– Two lime green folding floor chairs supposed to be like back-jacks but don’t work nearly as well – shorter and not as strong. Best suited for kids I suspect.

Photo (kinda) showing the floor chair, and the yellow fur covers for pillows, here

– Mosquito netting bed hanging. Off white (er, at least it is now…) and very dusty.

– Henna – anyone want some henna? Jamila, at least 2-3 years old, kept in freezer entire time. Perfect for hair, may be ok for body art (fine for practice, but if you want high quality stains get fresher stuff!) I may keep some but I can spare some boxes.

– Do you have a current craft hobby or want to take one up? I have many crafty items that I would barter or sell, including a heck of a lot of beads for jewelry, mostly seed beeds and fun square beads.  Also a bunch of jewelry I made, and a cool carrying case for it. Let’s talk. This will take more time, as for some items I don’t know fully what I have, where I have it, and such.  (As I purge and decide to offer stuff up I may list things specifically, but we can brainstorm anytime if you have an interest!)
**beading supplies gone, will update if anything is left. for other crafts, we’ll discuss.**

– Roomba. No accessories/instructions, just the item itself and plug for charging.  It’s red.  I have too much cat hair and long hair of mine on the floor for it.  Only tried a few times, worked fine other than that.

You have until Monday evening to say you want any of these, and until next Friday (the 17th) to pick it up if you do want it. (Not applicable to the crafty stuff.)  Beyond that, it will be in or next to the dumpster and the garbage truck comes on Monday.  (I’m away at PDF this weekend, leave a comment or email me if interested!)

Money in exchange is always accepted but not always necessary and I certainly won’t take more than I’d pay for it in it’s current condition.  It’s free (or whatever you feel the value is worth) unless I specify something as sale/barter, i.e., the jewelry supplies and crafty stuff.  As for barter, while I do not want to take any more “stuff” in exchange unless it’s something special or useful, I would consider taking clothing donations in the proper size or food/booze ;o)