So yesterday was a flurry of emails among my merry band of deviants. (We’re doing a theme camp called Camp Deviant at PDF.)  The last minute planning/packing/scheduling, and procrastinating as none of us wanted to be at work.

Unfortunately, they all have today off to pack and run around and hit the road, arriving when the gates open to the public.

I am at work.  No one to email with about how excited we are, and how awesome this weekend will be.

Of course I have my love to talk to ;o) we will be in touch throughout the day as always.  And – happysappy alert – this weekend is our half playaversary!  No, it hasn’t been quite 6 months (although it feels like a lifetime ago – in the good way!), but we met at spring PDF, so I’ll always count it in playa calendars in addition to regular calendar months. 😀

The car is mostly packed, and I already can’t see out the back window.  Need to pack my clothes and toiletries, and anything else I forgot, after work.  Then I’m heading down to Random’s, where we will be crafting a sign and a bar game, and helping him pack.  I could rush down to PDF tonight, but I don’t want to set up a tent in the dark and sleep alone in the cold!  He is working from home tomorrow, so when he gets up and starts working, I’ll make my way to PDF.  My deviants need me, and I have ranger duty (one of the ways to volunteer is to be a Ranger, doesn’t require too much work, basically you just know who to contact in an emergency, and help settle little crisises – crises? um drama that comes up sometimes).  Anyway – he’ll be going down to PDF after he finishes work tomorrow.  Since there’s currently no room for him in my car, it’s probably a good thing we are going in two. ;o)

So I’ll sit here today, and work, and wait.  I am excited for the theme camp.  I am also trying not to have expectations, as expectations and burns never mix well.  Aside from a ranger shift, a meal shift in our camp, and a camp event I’m running  – grilled cheese sammiches! taking over for Maria who couldn’t return this playa for her infamous sammich making skills 😦  – I have no plans and only hope to have a low stress/low drama weekend, full of fire, friendship, and love.

I think we’ve got that covered.

I’ll be thinking of those who couldn’t make it this time as the pony burns – that’s you, Mizz Buttafl’i, and our cheezy Maria, and oh damn I don’t even know who else will be missing. OH Dove and Josh.  They are in Africa with Peace Corps!  That link is their blog, a REALLY interesting read!  I owe them an email & a donation for hoops out there once I can afford it.  I’m definitely going to miss those crazy sexy kids, they always make me happy.

Big E, here I come. Hope you are ready for some hugs!!!! 😀