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All is full of love

(post title due to my musical tourettes… never actually heard bjork’s version of this, but Charlotte Martin sings part of it with one of her other songs.)

This weekend was full of wonder and joy and love and music and adventure…

Friday I helped take pictures of the Morristown Critical Mass bike ride.

Full flick set here.

The art show afterwards was fun as well, despite the heat (an ice cream from the ice cream truck helped ;o)

Saturday, Random and I had an adventure in NY – Figment was going on, an arts festival run by burners and artists on Governor’s Island. It was the second year for it, and apparently Saturday they broke the record for the most visitors to the island on one day! While we didn’t get there until early afternoon, and we ended up staying in one area (Just like at Burning Man, when an event is limited in time, you always miss something really cool and feel like you didn’t do/see enough!), I had such a blast. 

There were art installations everywhere, the rose petal pool was in action again, and we settled down at the Disorient sound stage. Groovehoops had hoops out for everyone to enjoy.  I didn’t bring mine, thinking I wouldn’t use it enough to warrant carrying it.  Well I was wrong… The music was perfect – mellow yet you wanted to move to it, and picked up in energy a little later in the day. 

Now I’ve been learning the hoop, I obviously enjoy it when I pick it up, but often I am discouraged by the lack of “tricks” that I know, or that I can’t keep still facing one direction or the hoop will fall (I dance/move with the hoop).  But a combination of the perfect day, perfect music, perfect mood.  I LOVED hooping there.  Even with hoops that were too small/light/slippery (no gaffers tape) for my taste.  It was seductive, it was sexy, it was… pure joy and love.  And seeing the crowd of people hooping, from hoop dancing pros to hoop virgins, it was so wonderful. 

I think this woman couldn’t waist hoop, but she was so joyful just hooping above her head like this!

With poi, I’ve moved into a place where I’m more into the flow and dancing with it.  And there are times that energy feels really great. But the hooping I experienced that day just had a different energy to it.  I’m sure it was a combo of many things, the music, the energy, my emotions… I plan on bringing my hoop (new collapsible! yay) many more places with me.

See the resemblance?

When we weren’t hooping/spinning/sticking (Random is getting amazing at devilsticks!) we lounged and watched/listened, or chatted with friends. I enjoyed spending some time with Scratch – who I’ve met twice at NYC Santacon and friended on tribe, but finally got to have a real conversation with him.

Thumbnails (click for larger version) – first meeting with Rudy-tooty (Scratch) was a pic with a stranger in ’06, and running into each other on subway in ’07. Missed getting a pic with him this time! 😦

 12-16-06 039 12-8-07 025

I loved Figment because while it totally had the burner vibe, it was a public event and it was clear people were there who didn’t know what was going on and it was their first experience with anything like this.  I wish that every town, every park, every city was more like this.  Artwork surrounding you and found in every crevice when you looked carefully.  Strangers smiling and laughing with each other over hooping attempts, the weather, anything.  Back on Manhattan it was hard to repress the openness to strangers and urge to smile and hug everyone.  Which could be dangerous there.  But Figment gives me hope that this “vibe” I keep mentioning IS possible in more areas of our lives, and not just at events like Burning Man and regional burns.  

So yes, it was time to leave the island… It was getting close to the end of the event, and we could smell/feel a few raindrops.  By the time we reached the ferry, it was a full blown thunderstorm.  Because it was so hot and humid, and we were dancing/playing around, it felt really nice actually.  From the ferry we could see that the NY waterfall installation was blowing so hard in the wind, it was adding to the “rain” people fought through to reach the boat!  Wanted to take a pic, but moreso wanted to keep my camera as dry as possible…

In Manhattan, we grabbed an awesome dinner (Beckett’s bar & grill, Stone Street, NY) and went to the afterparty at Castle Clinton in Battery Park. The band was good, but didn’t fit the mood I was in so much (what??? I’m preferring house over a live band? I’m being brainwashed…. ;o)  Of course they were back to the DJ by the time we decided to head out. But the party would be wrapping up and moving to Brooklyn, and I did not have the energy for that late of a night.  Played with poi (and soyboy’s triangular hoop! that was a blast) and taught someone else some basic moves, and then we wandered home.

Damp from rain/sweat, drained, but still smiling from the amazing day.

(All Figment pics here.)

There’s so much more to this amazing weekend, but that’s all I can attempt to put into words for now.  But next year?  Get your ass out to Governor’s Island.  It’s worth it! (Free ferry to the island and no admission fee for Figment. MORE THAN WORTH IT!)

Conclave Video

This is the true story… of 24 fire artists… picked to make a conclave…and have their performance taped… to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real…

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to our conclave submission video, which we are all very proud of. This labor of love is a testament to what happened when people take their arts to new levels, pushing concepts, dedicating their time and energy, and working together.

With mighty hopes, next stop: The Playa. (burning man) 
wording above by Lucky (the conclave shin/leader), because well I can’t say it any better than that…. ;o)

The conclave video (for application to Burning Man in order to perform there) is online!!!! Click here!!!

My connection from work (and work like people hanging around me) has kept me from seeing more than the first 1/3 so far, but it’s. freaking. amazing.  Of course I knew it would be, Hedy and Erik are amazing videographers!!  So since I haven’t seen it all, I have no idea if there are any embarassing bits with me, but I’m sure if there are, only I will think so because I trust their judgement.

The American Dream vs. The Human Dream

As we journey to Burning Man 2008, we embrace the theme of the American Dream. This country was founded on two concepts: Patriotism and Liberty, represented by the figures of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty.

Liberty’s torch ready to welcome immigrants into its land, shares her light with Patriotism. The characters of this country are presented, creating the melting pot, which is the United States of America. Uncle Sam takes his new flame to light all those who enter this land, promising them of a good life. From families to punk rockers, soldiers to hippies, protestors to religious figures; all are welcomed. But Patriotism turns a selfish eye; leading rather than honoring, enslaving rather than freeing. Drawing further away from Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam shouts at his constituents, cracks a whip of fire, and demands falling in. The inhabitants of this new land become part of this new machine, moving in sync, conformed; their individualism lost under the guise of unification. That is until one breaks free.

A little girl, frightened by Uncle Sam, looks to Lady Liberty, dancing with sparklers refusing to listen, unwilling to fall in. She ignores the demands and slurs of Uncle Sam, risks being called a traitor or a terrorist to live in a free land. She strips herself of her patriotism and even of her clothing to find her human self – raw, tribal, real.

Uncle Sam directs his people to bring her back to his side, but inspired by her rebellion, they seek to join her. Stripping down, they find themselves. Lady Liberty’s torch extends to a dart revolving over and protecting her free people until all have left in the name of Liberty. The final two individuals take their tools, once lit by Uncle Sam, and breathe fire at their falling leader. Others lift themselves up to strip Patriotism down to its roots – a lost cause built by one of their own. Now free from his own constraints, he joins the group as the intended United People of America.

A single line of fire lit by Lady Liberty and aided by its own people, lights the group ablaze. Moving in groups by their own accord, the people of this land spread out and come together, creating a living clock. As the clock ticks, each individual exhibits his/her own beauty, while others stop to admire and look on. From a distance, time passes, the clock turns, and the land of the free becomes a reality. Lady Liberty’s torch bursts with sparks, and the people wave in succession, not as a flag, but as a people.

Aish Tamid (eternal fire) is born.



Next Friday, I’ll be attending a special solstice event.  Kristin Hoffmann is an outstanding musician who has really developed her interest in healing music, meditation, and yoga – and ways to incorporate all 3!   She’s been offering YogaSong classes in CA and NY, but I haven’t been able to attend.  I do have a copy of her music meditations from these classes, and it’s very calming and great for meditation or sleep.

This special event will have a yoga class, all levels are welcome, and a concert following.  You can attend one or both for just $20.

If anyone wants to go with me, just let me know. I’ll be doing both.


On an unrelated note. If you are a blood relative (except for my cousins) you don’t want to click this link. ;o) It’s better that you don’t know.  Trust me.

Yael Naim

I’ve been looking for english translations of some of her songs that are in hebrew, and just found some… posting here to keep track of it. Google translator doesn’t support hebrew, so if anyone knows of a lead to translate the second song please let me know! Thanks ;o)  The first two are among my favorite songs on her album…

Lachlom “To Dream”

רציתי כנפיים
אל האופק בינתיים
רציתי לגשת
מעבר לקשת

תני לו לחלום
הוא צריך לחלום
תני לו לנשום
מבקש לנשום

יש לי עצב
ובא לי פתאום להפליג על המים
יש לי קסם
ובא לי פתאום להמריא לשמים
יש לי זמן
להביט ולחלום
על היום
על שלשום
ועל מחרתיים

רציתי לגעת
באושר שלנו
רציתי לדעת
מאיפה באנו

תן לה לצחוק
היא צריכה לצחוק
תן לה לראות
את לבך
הוא רוצה לחיות

I wanted wings
To the horizon meanwhile
I wanted to approach
The other side of the rainbow

Let him dream
Human being
He needs to dream
Let him breathe
Human being
Asking to breathe

I have sadness
And suddenly I want
To sail on the water
I have magic
And suddenly I want
To fly to the sky
I have time
To look and dream
Upon the day
The other day
And the day after tomorrow

I wanted to touch
Our bliss
I wanted to know
Where we came from

Let her laugh
Human being
She needs to laugh
Let her see
Your heart
It wants to live

Pachad (Haven’t found english yet…)

פחד עמום עוטף את העיניים רוצה שתחכי
לא לבד קושר לי ת’ידיים אומר תתחנני
תן לי יד רוצה שתתקפלי אליו רוצה שתחכי לו לעד
אומץ לבן דוחף אותי למים רוצה שתירטבי
בוא אלי מאיר את השמיים אומר עכשיו תשחי
תן לי יד רוצה שתנסי לבד הגיע זמן שתפרחי לעד
אומר עכשיו תשחי לבד רוצהש תפרחי לעד הגיע הזמן שתגלי מי את
תן לי יד
תן לי יד
תן לי יד רוצה שתנסי לבד הגיע זמן שתפרחי לעד
אומר עכשיו תשחי לבד רוצה שתפרחי לעד
הגיע הזמן שתגלי מי את, מי אתתתתת, מי אתתתת, מי אתתתת


pahad amoom otef et ha-enaym
rotze shetehakee lo levad
kosher li tayadaym, omer teethaninee
ten li yad
rotze shetetkapli elahv
rotze shetehakee lo la-ad

ometz lavan dohef oti lamaym
rotze sheteratvee
bo elai
meir li et hashamaym

omer ahshav tesshi
ten li yad
rotze shetenasi levad
hegia zman shetifrehi la-ad

omer ahshav tesshi levad
rotze shetenasi la-ad
hegia zman shetegali mi at

ten li yad… ten li yad…

ten li yad
rotze shetenasi levad
hegia zman shetifrehi la-ad

omer ahshav tesshi levad
rotze shetifrehi la-ad
hegia zman shetegali mi at

mi at.. mi at


I fled to a different place
So quickly
The farthest away and I succeeded
I am in Paris
Lit candles
Gray and foggy
I am happy and it’s good for me
And it’s so good for me
In Paris

I wander around …סחור?
In enchanting narrow alleys
I am spellbound
It sucks me in I am
In Paris
Beautiful buildings
They are old
And so very noble
But the country lights me up
In Paris

Fair from my house in Paris

I came here
A bit disenchated
This beautiful illusion of mine
A trial to catch up with myself in Paris
Again I disappear
A sad dream
I am famous already
And they hear me here
In Paris

Now your voice
It whispers to me from far away
I miss you
Come return to me
Already from Paris
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

Far from my love in Paris

The country is so good to me here
So why do I cry and get upset?

Yes, I am happy
So why do I cry at night

I miss you…from Paris

The sun wakes me up
From the window
And I feel the warmth a little more already
The plane lands
And there aren’t any
Lush and trickling clouds
I’m back again
Shalom Paris


Too many screams in my throat
Too many faces
Too many plans
That I wanted to change
So many words
If I can tell you
There’s no other love
but the one I live with you

Still don’t know how
we let all this happened
will this war last forever and ever?
They’ve burned my hands
Cut my hair and steal my soul
But do you really want to know?

Rest in peace with my sorrows
Are we alone or together
Or are you my greatest war?

Big E


IMG_1367, originally uploaded by m_providakis.


I swear! I didn’t kill him! but all the excitement of PDF almost did!!! I tried offering the poor guy water. he was rescued by his mom shortly after this pic.

PDF photos from friends

I wanted to collect some favorite photos from PDF that friends took.

The following were taken by Meesh.






For her full album – click here
Image hosted by
by shellybean42


This next batch were taken by my new friends and neighbor at PDF – themadhatter and smokekitty – here a pic of them first!

His whole album is up here.