This is the true story… of 24 fire artists… picked to make a conclave…and have their performance taped… to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real…

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to our conclave submission video, which we are all very proud of. This labor of love is a testament to what happened when people take their arts to new levels, pushing concepts, dedicating their time and energy, and working together.

With mighty hopes, next stop: The Playa. (burning man) 
wording above by Lucky (the conclave shin/leader), because well I can’t say it any better than that…. ;o)

The conclave video (for application to Burning Man in order to perform there) is online!!!! Click here!!!

My connection from work (and work like people hanging around me) has kept me from seeing more than the first 1/3 so far, but it’s. freaking. amazing.  Of course I knew it would be, Hedy and Erik are amazing videographers!!  So since I haven’t seen it all, I have no idea if there are any embarassing bits with me, but I’m sure if there are, only I will think so because I trust their judgement.

The American Dream vs. The Human Dream

As we journey to Burning Man 2008, we embrace the theme of the American Dream. This country was founded on two concepts: Patriotism and Liberty, represented by the figures of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty.

Liberty’s torch ready to welcome immigrants into its land, shares her light with Patriotism. The characters of this country are presented, creating the melting pot, which is the United States of America. Uncle Sam takes his new flame to light all those who enter this land, promising them of a good life. From families to punk rockers, soldiers to hippies, protestors to religious figures; all are welcomed. But Patriotism turns a selfish eye; leading rather than honoring, enslaving rather than freeing. Drawing further away from Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam shouts at his constituents, cracks a whip of fire, and demands falling in. The inhabitants of this new land become part of this new machine, moving in sync, conformed; their individualism lost under the guise of unification. That is until one breaks free.

A little girl, frightened by Uncle Sam, looks to Lady Liberty, dancing with sparklers refusing to listen, unwilling to fall in. She ignores the demands and slurs of Uncle Sam, risks being called a traitor or a terrorist to live in a free land. She strips herself of her patriotism and even of her clothing to find her human self – raw, tribal, real.

Uncle Sam directs his people to bring her back to his side, but inspired by her rebellion, they seek to join her. Stripping down, they find themselves. Lady Liberty’s torch extends to a dart revolving over and protecting her free people until all have left in the name of Liberty. The final two individuals take their tools, once lit by Uncle Sam, and breathe fire at their falling leader. Others lift themselves up to strip Patriotism down to its roots – a lost cause built by one of their own. Now free from his own constraints, he joins the group as the intended United People of America.

A single line of fire lit by Lady Liberty and aided by its own people, lights the group ablaze. Moving in groups by their own accord, the people of this land spread out and come together, creating a living clock. As the clock ticks, each individual exhibits his/her own beauty, while others stop to admire and look on. From a distance, time passes, the clock turns, and the land of the free becomes a reality. Lady Liberty’s torch bursts with sparks, and the people wave in succession, not as a flag, but as a people.

Aish Tamid (eternal fire) is born.