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Don’t fight it…

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More pics from the party are here.

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Goofy boys

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Fire love

Ahhhh… two weekends in a row full of fire and friends.  Last weekend was the backyard burnhouse burn, this past one was a housewarming (and BOY did we warm it up! ;o)

Last night the fire conclave rehearsed using fire for the first time.  I was really nervous.  Not sure why – just the idea of having so many of us so close together, and an audience of people passing by in the park who stopped and watched.  As soon as we lit and got in positions though, the nerves went away.  Still I focused more on just burning safely than always being 100% in time with the other poi performers – timing will come to us. 

My new fireheads burn longer and brighter/hotter, a little nervewracking when I have to stop in a position (can’t keep them hanging in one spot or my hands will get too hot!) or when we are close in a line up, but I am getting used to them and really love them.  I’m suddenly really excited to be part of this performance – not that I wasn’t before, but it’s becoming more real.  I never was much into doing fire for performance, but the idea of being part of the circle spinning in front of the Man was exciting.  Now, I’m really appreciating the practices (despite the commute) and spending time with so many amazing people.

(If you are near Philly, you are welcome to come watch a practice. I’ll be there the next 3 Sundays for sure, 6-8, western Philly area. Contact me for details.)


I am at work (last hour or two is always nice and quiet, immediate neighbors are all early morning folks and they are gone) and realized I had a hair elastic on my wrist still.  Not usually an issue but these brand are heavy duty (and yet still have trouble staying in my hair :/ figures) and I don’t wear them on my wrist because it cuts off circulation.  Well I put it on last night intending to put it in the drawer next time I got up (the kitten is a thief and LOVES hair elastics!) and forgot about it.  It hurt as soon as I took it off, but I never noticed the constriction until now.

Made me start thinking of things we adjust ourselves to accepting as normal, and it can hurt to stop/get out of the situation, but once we do we know we’ll be better off….

Yeah.  Deep thoughts over a piece of elastic.  Well it’s monday afternoon what do you expect?

Phoenix Rising and PDF are just around the corner…. I can’t wait, and yet I know I won’t be ready when it’s time.  But it doesn’t matter what I end up wearing or eating, I just want to be around my fire family and spin some fire!  Burned the last two nights and know what?  Even though my hands/wrists are a little sore (different hold on the poi, and heavier heads – just need some time to get used to it), I just want to go out and do it again and again. ;o)

Hot water with attitude

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Coffee. Hot water with attitude.


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Ter’i-dactyl signing to the birds…

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Hoops are fun for every age, even when the hoop is still and the kid is in motion…

For those without access to the forums, here ya go!

No description. This scent was available to VIP guests at a special reception with Neil Gaiman at the NYC Comic Con 2008 as a fundraiser for the CBLDF. After the VIP meet&greet, he read for the general admission crowd a selection of pieces including an unreleased short story titled “Orange”. This scent set was create to go with the story. 

Orange is actually a set. An orange burlap bag contained a 5 ml of Orange, and an imp of Dark Chocolate.


The imp label reads: “Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s short story “Orange”. Use this to feed your perfume. (Inedible for humans, please use only to feed supernatural orange lifeforms!)”

(I’m not going to give away the story. It’s one of those that you have to read or hear to fully experience. I’m sure youtube will have tonight’s reading at some point!)

Orange: Not surprisingly, it smells like orange! But it’s a soft orange, more like orange sherbet. In fact I almost think it’s creamy, especially in the drydown, and reminds me of an orange creamsicle. No obvious cream notes that I can tell, it’s just soft and not a harsh citrus at all.

Dark Chocolate: This is that magic ingredient in Wulric and Boomslang. Like those, the dark part separates out – I can’t tell how much is the dark oil because the label covers the imp, but it seems more like Boomslang in color once it’s mixed up and put on. Not bitter chocolate, just a dark creamy cocoa, it’s wonderful.

Together: Should I lie and say it’s horrible? You know it’s not true. It’s the perfect blend of orange and chocolate. sweet but not candylike. soft and refreshing.

It’s a fairly straight forward scent meaning that you probably know if you like orange, and chocolate, and I doubt this would change your existing opinions on it either way. But it is beautifully executed, especially how the orange is soft and refreshing at the same time.

I tried both on together before Neil got around to me at the reception. I told him I put both on together, and he sniffed my wrist! then he said another girl had only tried the orange, and he made her come over and sniff too!

Hours later, I got in my car after taking the ferry home and taking photos of the NY skyline with an almost full moon. My wrist was faint (I tested sparingly) but just wonderfully soft, barely orange as you usually know it, but leaving the impression of orange as a concept, with a hint of dark chocolate.

Love Neil, love “Orange”, it was a fabulous night!

(More photos posted to my flickr account)

ETA: it’s possible there’s a subtle floral in here, maybe orange blossom? I have no idea. But I’m not huge on strong florals, and it’s not strong floral… I hope more discerning noses can help me later…


My money last night went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If you think no one needs to defend comic books, read the update at the top of Neil’s journal, and the video clip at the bottom of the entry!