For those without access to the forums, here ya go!

No description. This scent was available to VIP guests at a special reception with Neil Gaiman at the NYC Comic Con 2008 as a fundraiser for the CBLDF. After the VIP meet&greet, he read for the general admission crowd a selection of pieces including an unreleased short story titled “Orange”. This scent set was create to go with the story.¬†

Orange is actually a set. An orange burlap bag contained a 5 ml of Orange, and an imp of Dark Chocolate.


The imp label reads: “Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s short story “Orange”. Use this to feed your perfume. (Inedible for humans, please use only to feed supernatural orange lifeforms!)”

(I’m not going to give away the story. It’s one of those that you have to read or hear to fully experience. I’m sure youtube will have tonight’s reading at some point!)

Orange: Not surprisingly, it smells like orange! But it’s a soft orange, more like orange sherbet. In fact I almost think it’s creamy, especially in the drydown, and reminds me of an orange creamsicle. No obvious cream notes that I can tell, it’s just soft and not a harsh citrus at all.

Dark Chocolate: This is that magic ingredient in Wulric and Boomslang. Like those, the dark part separates out – I can’t tell how much is the dark oil because the label covers the imp, but it seems more like Boomslang in color once it’s mixed up and put on. Not bitter chocolate, just a dark creamy cocoa, it’s wonderful.

Together: Should I lie and say it’s horrible? You know it’s not true. It’s the perfect blend of orange and chocolate. sweet but not candylike. soft and refreshing.

It’s a fairly straight forward scent meaning that you probably know if you like orange, and chocolate, and I doubt this would change your existing opinions on it either way. But it is beautifully executed, especially how the orange is soft and refreshing at the same time.

I tried both on together before Neil got around to me at the reception. I told him I put both on together, and he sniffed my wrist! then he said another girl had only tried the orange, and he made her come over and sniff too!

Hours later, I got in my car after taking the ferry home and taking photos of the NY skyline with an almost full moon. My wrist was faint (I tested sparingly) but just wonderfully soft, barely orange as you usually know it, but leaving the impression of orange as a concept, with a hint of dark chocolate.

Love Neil, love “Orange”, it was a fabulous night!

(More photos posted to my flickr account)

ETA: it’s possible there’s a subtle floral in here, maybe orange blossom? I have no idea. But I’m not huge on strong florals, and it’s not strong floral… I hope more discerning noses can help me later…