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Dig Deep

Those that know me well, know that I never hesitate to recommend sites or products I enjoy – I love helping entrepreneurs and small creative businesses get more coverage, and I love helping friends find them as well.  Today is a new venture, for the first time I signed up to be an affiliate!  While this is an opportunity for my blogging to pay back some of my expenses from buying too many domains and e-courses, I want to promise you this.  I will never be an affiliate for a product that I wouldn’t recommend for free.  So all fears of selling out aside, let me tell you a little of this story.

At some point, I stumbled on this blog called The Organic Sister.  It may have been the hooping that made our paths cross, or it may have been my searching after my husband and I got a hankering to do what her family did.  Tara, with her husband and son, live and travel in an RV converted to waste veggie oil. (They just sold their old rig and now have a truck running on WVO and a fifth wheeler!)  I think it was the hooping actually that led me there first, and I subscribed to the blog once we started thinking about the RV.  Over the past year or so that I’ve read it, I’ve enjoyed our many common interests in travel, sustainable technologies, and more.

She started Sustainable Baby Steps and Organic Life Coaching, and she had a lovely email conversation with me about RVs on WVO.   I’ve enjoyed getting to know her a bit better, and when she did a pre-launch of her latest efforts, I jumped right on board.

Click for more info! (Affiliate link)

I read the first two chapters and skimmed the rest, but I can’t wait to really dig deep into this project.  That was enough intro for me to sign up for the affiliate program.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but Tara’s approach and style are the perfect fit for me.  Her methods are clearer steps to those I started learning to do on my own (or, as influenced by the many sources in my life) – recognizing and identifying my emotions, and gently taking the time to figure out the sources for those emotions.  She goes further than I ever did on my own, and her workbook exercises really help you to, well, dig deep into understanding ourselves and growing in a positive way.

She’ll walk you through the ways to change your mindset about a situation, and therefore the whole situation, without any of the new-age “The Secret” hype – she’ll have you getting your hands dirty digging in your cobwebbed corners.  But she leads you there gently, with guidance and support, because she’s been there herself.  This workbook, taken seriously, could easily be worth more than a year in therapy!  She can’t fix all your problems (newsflash – no ebook or ecourse can! :P) but she is giving you all the tools and support for you to do so.

If you are struggling with any kind of blocks or unhappiness in your life, and know that if you could change your outlook you’d be able to overcome it… If you are willing to go all “Mythbusters” on yourself, doing experiments to determine which of your habits/expectations are plausible (reasonable) and which are busted (unreasonable and unhelpful, based on past experiences and not truth)…  If you can’t afford therapy, and want to take your soul/spirit on a coffee date, hold its hand, ask how it feels and what you can do to make it happier…  If you want to dig deep, Tara is the perfect person to guide you on this journey.

I’ll be working through it myself, so I invite you to dig deep along with me.  Feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment or contacting me off blog if you wish to talk more about it!

This icon and link will stay in my sidebar to the right – to support my blog (all proceeds will be going directly to our Sustainable Nomads venture!) you have to click this link.


So I’ve been uber excited today over Halloween costumes. Yup, what can I say….

My first plan was foiled when the costume was out of stock – it may be back in stock Friday, but that’s at the website that had it at a higher cost… and it’s hard to justify spending so much money on a pre-fab costume, that still needs a crinoline and accessories, even if I would wear it at non-Halloween events.

Now my first IDEA had been an awesome handmade Rainbow Brite costume – because I hated the ones I saw for sale online.  If I wanted to be broke AND stressed about finishing it from now till Halloween…. Well, I decided I don’t want to do a half assed job on it. I may make it for a burn and use it next Halloween.

Idea #3.  I saw a Candy Corn Witch that was cuuuute. But the plus size version? Maybe it’s the model or photography, but it did nothing for me.

However, a handmade Candy Corn costume DOES seem doable, both budget and time wise!  I put out a call for help, and my awesome friend Prism (who runs Prism Magic TieDye and Burner Wear out in Reno!) offered me a yellow tutu!

An example of the tutu, not the actual photo of it

An example of the tutu, not the actual photo of it

A stop at Etsy was very productive – not only am I shopping for Halloween, I am replacing my favorite earrings (lost one last year!)


I also found a cute cheap necklace


Then, a clutch purse!


And I may have gotten a little overexcited and purchased TWO (inexpensive! one was $8 and one was $5!) necklaces… Halloween IS my favorite holiday, and I will wear these again!


Next… Sock Dreams. I avoid this site for most of the year. Free shipping. Socks, tall socks, tights, leg warmers, arm warmers… Yeah, it’s a dream all right!! Disappointed I couldn’t find candy corn print ANYTHING in adult size except short socks, I contacted them for help as their site is massive.  They have amazing customer service too 😛  Amanda pointed me towards the only yellow/orange socks they have.  And my second choice (even though they contain green) hopped in the shopping cart, as well as cute garters to keep the socks up.  (3 items? smallest sock dreams order ever for me!)

The top choice thanks to Amanda... Click to view these on Sock Dreams

Over the knee socks that are the top choice thanks to Amanda… Click to view these on Sock Dreams

Loving these too, I'll see which works better but trust me, both will get lots of use!

Loving these too, I’ll see which works better but trust me, both will get lots of use!

maybe the one item that put me over the top in terms of "overdone" and "budget"...

Button garter to hold up socks that want to slip. Maybe the one item that put me over the top in terms of “overdone” and “budget”… *shrug* It’s not like I only dress up once a year!

So now I’m thinking – white blouse (which I have or will buy cheap).  Orange underbust corset/waist cincher – only just for appearance not for structural importance.  Kinda like this. Made as cheaply as possible…  I don’t really want the white shirt showing underneath and don’t know what the top of the tutu looks like, but I’m thinking orange tulle that is sold on the roll could do a shorter layer on top of the tutu. (A friend made a tutu like skirt with these rolls of tulle just tied onto elastic! This will require much less, and it’s only like $3 a roll.)

I estimate about $15 max in fabric and tulle, I have everything else…  one evening sewing for the waist cincher… So yeah, I just spent as much as I would have on a pre-made costume and accessories, but many of these things I will wear again in other variations, where the pre-made costume is what it is, and eventually (if it doesn’t fall apart) gets boring after wearing it a few times.

Yeah. And now you know more about my Halloween planning than you ever wanted to know, huh?

By the way, this outfit will be rocking the PEX party, message me if you need info on tickets (being sold in advance over the web, $20 plus fees, and it will sell out!)

What are YOU going to be for Halloween??? 😀

Wordless Friday

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

Necklush Tutorial

Necklush Tutorial

ETA : Bax at Flow Show – 4/24/09 from Hoopsie Daisy on Vimeo.



Save the date: July 1 – First annual unofficially official joy rebel day.  Do you dare to be a joy rebel? 😀 Blog parties from July 1-8 as well.


From the loveable Jen Gray:


PDF? Indescribably awesome. Photos? Coming. But limited in number.

Inspiration of the day

This is breathtaking!


Something is percolating.

Ideas.  Concepts.  Small ones and big ones.
I hesitate to share, to write or speak out loud.  Fear of imitation? Eh, I’ve stumbled on someone else’s project today that FEELS a lot like what is percolating. And while I’m namedropping, this blog is inspiring me along similar lines.  I don’t think it’s that – because there’s so much similar out there, but it’s not MINE, that of course I’ll have my own twist on it.

I’ve been thinking on keywords that are at the core of this idea.


Authentic (self).






Succulent. (SARK’s keyword)

Waiting for a word to jump out as perfectly describing what I want, and unique enough to be a “buzzword” of sorts.  I don’t know where this is going, but I’m afraid if I don’t record it/share it, it may slip away through my hazy memories and disappear entirely.

Looking for a philosophy, a blog theme, something.  Where I HOPE it goes is somewhere like the joy rebellion, or the projects the other Katie creates (both links above) – something both small (meaning: unintimidating, easy to do with very little time/materials/costs) and BIG (meaning: spontaneous, public art, limitless possibilities, open to anyone to participate).

I don’t know. I’m always drawn to these kinds of projects and wish I could come up with something as simple yet with a big impact – at least on those who eyes/ears/hearts are open to the message.

So I’m letting it percolate. Adding inspiration. Adding time. Hopefully adding ideas that others have. Letting it all blend and mix and become part of ME, not just a collage of “other people’s work”.  No idea if anything will come of it, but let’s just wait and see.

Thursday Randoms

Too ADD for an on-topic blog post today! 😛

Zen for the busy? Check out Leo’s post “The Mindfulness Guide for the Super Busy: How to Live Life to the Fullest“.  Even though I’m not dedicating 30 days to it I may print it to hang up at work.

This head-bonk photo keeps making me smile. But I have to post both so you see his gorgeous eyes – half golden retriever, half chow.  (Not my pup – a online friend from a forum just adopted him!)



No hoop/poi jam tonight – I’ll be celebrating Beltane around a fire with friends! But we’ll be back at the Morristown Green next Thursday.

Do you have pig flu? Try checking here.  And people, the CDC even says you don’t need a mask unless you are taking care of someone who IS sick!  Wearing it in public just identifies you as the paranoid freak you are.

And I would go on about fear, as it ties into several things, but I have too much blood in my caffeine system at the moment.  It would include an anecdote about how I’ve dyed my hair bright blue (just in the back – still need to take a good pic…) and no one at work noticed/said a damn thing.  Wearing it down, it’s hard to see, but I just put it up in a twist expecting comments, none yet.  Hmm.  Maybe I CAN get away with doing it all blue!  😀

Weekend plans:  not entirely sure.  Possible hang with someone friday, possible party saturday.  Conclave on sunday.  In between, car shopping, cleaning the bedroom, possibly a bottle of wine at the laundromat, and maybe even buying some soil/plants for the balcony.   *goes back to first link*  #3. Do less.  Hmm.

Here’s an interesting mash up of things on my mind today…

First- a concept I saw on Zen Habits, inspired by Gretchen at the Happiness Project
Gretchen has 12, and Leo at Zen Habits has a zenly simple 4.  How many do you have?

I have a lot, I’ll try to narrow it down to a few and get back to you on it.

I have to say, as much as I like Zen Habits, I find it frustrating that every post is “7 steps to a greener life”, “12 steps to organization”, “4 steps to less stress” (paraphrasing).  Seriously, almost every post is a countdown in bullets of how you can improve your life.  They are great ideas, and sure people can absorb a numbered/bullet list easier than skimming a blog entry – but because EACH entry is like this, skim is all I do… hmm…

Through the Happiness Project (which I love the concept behind and will be following this blog), I found the Art of Nonconformity.  I’m linking to the recent blog post about the “Real world” – and not the MTV version – I think a lot of people who are like me will appreciate it.

Lastly, I am soooo excited to (hopefully) sign up as part of the Unravelling e-course.  (British spelling :P)  I got my tax refund and while I’ve spent more than I should (on iphone, jeans that won’t fall off my hips, and a few other fun things)  I promised myself I would do this, not knowing it was going to be offered again so soon.  It’s ok, there’s just enough money for it, and I just have a little less in my Burning Man fund – but it’s enough for airfare and expenses and I already have my ticket.  I think this is just what I need to explore my photography and myself on a new level, and really explore what I want my photography to be in my life.


Sun is shining, not sure how much it’s helping but it’s definitely not hurting.  I want to share some recent inspirational finds…

Ink on my fingers – a blog about combination of decorating, art, life, creativity…  heartfelt and peaceful are the words that come to mind first.  (I can’t wait to try to join her e-course in May!)

She pointed readers to this blog just now, and with once glance I’m hooked and ready to book a flight.  Little Brown Pen moved her family to Paris.

Photo by Little Brown Pen

Photo by Little Brown Pen

There’s so much in her photography that you just CAN’T find in the states.  I want to sit at one of those tables and have french bread/pastries.  I miss England, Paris, Belgium.  I miss traveling and seeing things so much older than our oldest cities.  There’s so much more of Europe to see.  Le sigh.

And someone I’m honored to have as a friend, the inimitable Victoria Skydancer has released her CD!!! 😀  I may have been the first to place an order…

Rodin's "The Kiss"

Rodin - "The Kiss" (Photo by flickr user gherm)

hymn to the sacred body of the universe
(drew dellinger)

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs

for one instant
to dwell in the presence of the galaxies
for one instant
to live in the truth of the heart
the poet says this entire traveling cosmos is
“the secret One slowly growing a body”

two eagles are mating—
clasping each other’s claws
and turning cartwheels in the sky
grasses are blooming
grandfathers dying
consciousness blinking on and off
all of this is happening at once
all of this, vibrating into existence
out of nothingness

every particle
foaming into existence
transcribing the ineffable

arising and passing away
arising and passing away
23 trillion times per second—
when Buddha saw that,
he smiled

16 million tons of rain are falling every second
on the planet
an ocean
perpetually falling
and every drop
is your body
every motion, every feather, every thought
is your body
is your body,
and the infinite
curled inside like
invisible rainbows folded into light

every word of every tongue is love
telling a story to her own ears

let our lives be incense
like a hymn to the sacred
body of the universe
my religion is rain
my religion is stone
my religion reveals itself to me in
sweaty epiphanies

every leaf, every river,
every animal,
your body
every creature trapped in the gears
of corporate nightmares
every species made extinct
was once
your body

10 million people are dreaming
that they’re flying
junipers and violets are blossoming
stars exploding and being born
is having
déjà vu
I am one
we cry petals
as the void
is singing

you are the dark
that holds the stars
in intimate

that spun the whirling,
into existence

let’s meet
at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath
swirls between our lungs