Sun is shining, not sure how much it’s helping but it’s definitely not hurting.  I want to share some recent inspirational finds…

Ink on my fingers – a blog about combination of decorating, art, life, creativity…  heartfelt and peaceful are the words that come to mind first.  (I can’t wait to try to join her e-course in May!)

She pointed readers to this blog just now, and with once glance I’m hooked and ready to book a flight.  Little Brown Pen moved her family to Paris.

Photo by Little Brown Pen

Photo by Little Brown Pen

There’s so much in her photography that you just CAN’T find in the states.  I want to sit at one of those tables and have french bread/pastries.  I miss England, Paris, Belgium.  I miss traveling and seeing things so much older than our oldest cities.  There’s so much more of Europe to see.  Le sigh.

And someone I’m honored to have as a friend, the inimitable Victoria Skydancer has released her CD!!! 😀  I may have been the first to place an order…