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Wordless Friday

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

Necklush Tutorial

Necklush Tutorial

ETA : Bax at Flow Show – 4/24/09 from Hoopsie Daisy on Vimeo.

PEX party prep time!

Greetings Family!

This will be the last Philadelphia Experiment fundraiser before Burning Man. Please feel free to blast this out to all of your peeps. The club has a capacity of 2,500, so we are not doing invitation only this time. We have an exciting line-up and are looking forward to sharing this experience with YOU!

Our website is going through some major exciting changes. If you haven’t already registered with our new mailing form, please do so at:

And now we present….

Pirates Vs Ninjas
BRC Compression Party
A Philadelphia Experiment Costume Event
August 9, 2008

Shampoo Nightclub
416 N 8th St. 10pm – 6am
21+ /w ID Required
$20 in Costume
$30 Without

We really want EVERYONE to participate

—-DJ Lineup:—-
Marques Wyatt
King Britt
Oscar P
Braden Anderson
mr. caparro
Lee Mayjahs?
Mia Ink
Justin Paul
Nick Cosmo
Ross D
DJ Everyday
Big Jawn
Friar Tuck
Glenn Weikert
Matt Tanz
Kris Murphy
Tubbo & KBunny

—-Live Performance By:—-
Arche-Dream for HumanKind
The Philadelphia Fire Arts Tribe
Live Burlesques Dance Troop featuring Heather Belman
plus Live Stilters, Hoopers, Face Painters & Performance Art

Live Music By:
Dr.Fish featuring Jenny Jamz & Heather Belman
The Innerfluents
The Plum Dragoness

Visuals By:
Optical Digital Distortion
Dr. Fish
Peter Parker
the Blackouts

Please note that the lineup list is subject to change, so check frequently for updates! We hope to see YOU there!

Much Love! And many many thanks for all for your contributions, without
which these events and this community would not exist!

-Giant Bear


Next Friday, I’ll be attending a special solstice event.  Kristin Hoffmann is an outstanding musician who has really developed her interest in healing music, meditation, and yoga – and ways to incorporate all 3!   She’s been offering YogaSong classes in CA and NY, but I haven’t been able to attend.  I do have a copy of her music meditations from these classes, and it’s very calming and great for meditation or sleep.

This special event will have a yoga class, all levels are welcome, and a concert following.  You can attend one or both for just $20.

If anyone wants to go with me, just let me know. I’ll be doing both.


On an unrelated note. If you are a blood relative (except for my cousins) you don’t want to click this link. ;o) It’s better that you don’t know.  Trust me.

Yael Naim

I’ve been looking for english translations of some of her songs that are in hebrew, and just found some… posting here to keep track of it. Google translator doesn’t support hebrew, so if anyone knows of a lead to translate the second song please let me know! Thanks ;o)  The first two are among my favorite songs on her album…

Lachlom “To Dream”

רציתי כנפיים
אל האופק בינתיים
רציתי לגשת
מעבר לקשת

תני לו לחלום
הוא צריך לחלום
תני לו לנשום
מבקש לנשום

יש לי עצב
ובא לי פתאום להפליג על המים
יש לי קסם
ובא לי פתאום להמריא לשמים
יש לי זמן
להביט ולחלום
על היום
על שלשום
ועל מחרתיים

רציתי לגעת
באושר שלנו
רציתי לדעת
מאיפה באנו

תן לה לצחוק
היא צריכה לצחוק
תן לה לראות
את לבך
הוא רוצה לחיות

I wanted wings
To the horizon meanwhile
I wanted to approach
The other side of the rainbow

Let him dream
Human being
He needs to dream
Let him breathe
Human being
Asking to breathe

I have sadness
And suddenly I want
To sail on the water
I have magic
And suddenly I want
To fly to the sky
I have time
To look and dream
Upon the day
The other day
And the day after tomorrow

I wanted to touch
Our bliss
I wanted to know
Where we came from

Let her laugh
Human being
She needs to laugh
Let her see
Your heart
It wants to live

Pachad (Haven’t found english yet…)

פחד עמום עוטף את העיניים רוצה שתחכי
לא לבד קושר לי ת’ידיים אומר תתחנני
תן לי יד רוצה שתתקפלי אליו רוצה שתחכי לו לעד
אומץ לבן דוחף אותי למים רוצה שתירטבי
בוא אלי מאיר את השמיים אומר עכשיו תשחי
תן לי יד רוצה שתנסי לבד הגיע זמן שתפרחי לעד
אומר עכשיו תשחי לבד רוצהש תפרחי לעד הגיע הזמן שתגלי מי את
תן לי יד
תן לי יד
תן לי יד רוצה שתנסי לבד הגיע זמן שתפרחי לעד
אומר עכשיו תשחי לבד רוצה שתפרחי לעד
הגיע הזמן שתגלי מי את, מי אתתתתת, מי אתתתת, מי אתתתת


pahad amoom otef et ha-enaym
rotze shetehakee lo levad
kosher li tayadaym, omer teethaninee
ten li yad
rotze shetetkapli elahv
rotze shetehakee lo la-ad

ometz lavan dohef oti lamaym
rotze sheteratvee
bo elai
meir li et hashamaym

omer ahshav tesshi
ten li yad
rotze shetenasi levad
hegia zman shetifrehi la-ad

omer ahshav tesshi levad
rotze shetenasi la-ad
hegia zman shetegali mi at

ten li yad… ten li yad…

ten li yad
rotze shetenasi levad
hegia zman shetifrehi la-ad

omer ahshav tesshi levad
rotze shetifrehi la-ad
hegia zman shetegali mi at

mi at.. mi at


I fled to a different place
So quickly
The farthest away and I succeeded
I am in Paris
Lit candles
Gray and foggy
I am happy and it’s good for me
And it’s so good for me
In Paris

I wander around …סחור?
In enchanting narrow alleys
I am spellbound
It sucks me in I am
In Paris
Beautiful buildings
They are old
And so very noble
But the country lights me up
In Paris

Fair from my house in Paris

I came here
A bit disenchated
This beautiful illusion of mine
A trial to catch up with myself in Paris
Again I disappear
A sad dream
I am famous already
And they hear me here
In Paris

Now your voice
It whispers to me from far away
I miss you
Come return to me
Already from Paris
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

Far from my love in Paris

The country is so good to me here
So why do I cry and get upset?

Yes, I am happy
So why do I cry at night

I miss you…from Paris

The sun wakes me up
From the window
And I feel the warmth a little more already
The plane lands
And there aren’t any
Lush and trickling clouds
I’m back again
Shalom Paris


Too many screams in my throat
Too many faces
Too many plans
That I wanted to change
So many words
If I can tell you
There’s no other love
but the one I live with you

Still don’t know how
we let all this happened
will this war last forever and ever?
They’ve burned my hands
Cut my hair and steal my soul
But do you really want to know?

Rest in peace with my sorrows
Are we alone or together
Or are you my greatest war?

Danny and Bo


5-25-07 spring PDF 094, originally uploaded by k8et.

Some of you at Spring ’07 Playa Del Fuego may remember the guy with a piano, a truck, and a dog… Danny is selling his house and possessions to raise funds for a trip to bring music and love to everyone he and Bo meets, and eventually get to China! If you can’t support him financially, please keep him in your thoughts and send some good wishes his way. Below is his request for help and information. Thanks!

In Friendship,

This is a request for support.

For those of you I have not yet met, I am Danny Kean the Traveling Piano man. I “Bring the Beat to the Street” working as an individual with no commercial, organizational or political affiliation. The Traveling Piano brings music to people. It’s about inspiring. It’s about encouraging and empowering people to express themselves freely through music. The Traveling Piano delivers the gift of creativity, a lift of spirits, friendship and respect for communities and people from all walks of life.

For over 20 years I have had the fortune of being able to work with a full time career performing piano from the back of a pickup truck. I have called my entertainment property Raggin’ Piano Boogie. I have had repeat bookings yearly throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York states of America. Engagements have been mostly for community special events and business promotion. Whether for a huge audience in the hundreds of thousands or for small intimate groups… one thing has never changed. I am constantly thrilled by the relationship that is created when people get together and share music. A sense of community ensues and to feel the vibration, the energy, to see the smiles… these experiences validate for me time and time again how truly music is the language of the soul.

What is the most significant difference between Raggin’ Piano Boogie and the Traveling Piano? Raggin’ Piano Boogie paid the bills with performance and fees. There are no costs or fees for the operation, talent and expertise of Traveling Piano. How has life’s ongoing bills been paid? On a wing and a prayer, I could use a little more security in this area… 🙂 I am determined to continue sharing spontaneous musical performances. This is what I do best and what I most have to offer for the world. It is wonderful to experience thousands of strangers coming together as one… in friendship… though music.

A large part of what I now offer is to share the piano on the truck for others to play… especially for those who have never before tried to create music on a piano. Personally, while sharing and creating connections with people through musical listening experiences, these are the most blessed moments for me. Most of all I am blessed to share the love and joy that piano dog Boner has to offer. He is the best buddy ever! Bo hangs out on top of the piano with me and is coming on 14 years of age.

I am on a mission, a journey… the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration! The present plan is to ship the Traveling Piano overseas to China. My dog Bo and I are out to create musical fun, friendship and respect, with no cost for anyone and especially for rural areas where musicians rarely visit. Upon returning to the United States, Alaska will be the starting point where we will continue the musical empowerment and inspiration throughout both the rural farmlands and urban cities of America.

The catalyst for Traveling Piano’s present focus is all about piano dog, Boner. As a partner with Bo, I have come to know him as a complete lover of people and life. Together we have always enjoyed every opportunity to experience and share our love and joy. We want to continue doing that with as many people as possible while we are still together as a team. I have a dream for the world to meet Boner before he retires.

Support is needed for this journey! Please become a patron whether it be financially, in-kind, in spirit, personally or with influence. We need help logistically and with communication, volunteerism… assistance on every level and for every aspect of this venture! I have done my part to raise funding through the sale of my home and the offering of my worldly possessions.

From the past almost three years throughout America and Mexico there is a daily musical log with extensive writings and pictures to explore from the Traveling Piano see… … The month of March 2008 is dedicated specifically to the most memorable experiences to date. More information can also be found at… is a fundraising site where you will find thousands of personal items I am presenting to share with you in the hope that you’ll participate in, be part of with contribution to the Journey of Peregrinating Music Exploration. Please contribute financially and also help empty out my house! On the websites you can also find two recent television interview links… one from the Associated Press… the other from NBC10 News. These will help you to know us better.


Danny Kean

Lost and Found

Definitely have lost and found parts of myself this week…

Lost and Found (Charlotte Martin)

A garment of praise for the spirit of heaven who saw me
I must rip out of the twines of the times that still bind me

Spend my whole life on trial
Trying to compare
To nothing there

Mmm I know your voice through the noise of a million doves crashing
I hear the words of the wings in the middles of thrashing

Up to the night
Ready to fight
For their repair

Lost and found in a feeling that I can’t explain
It goes so deep that I wonder if it has a name
It’s fearless and obsessed
And it’s chasing me all the way around

Lunatic a little pick of damage and fiesto
Oh I’ve been a prize of the lies of the world from the getgo

But you see past pretending
And you see nothing
That ever could scare you

Lost and found in a feeling that I can’t explain
It goes so deep that I wonder if it has a name (name)
It’s fearless and obsessed
And it’s chasing me all the way around

Billions and millions
And thousands of red shifts
You call me
And I’m so in shock
That I hardly accept what this means

Ooh I analyze us in vain
Me and all my explaining
Oh I’ll never fit in the box of the girl you call tame

Lost and found in a feeling that I can’t explain
It goes so deep that I wonder if it has a name (name)
It’s fearless and obsessed
And it’s chasing me all the way around
Round I go

Yael’s Video