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Spring has sprung!

I’ll avoid apologizing for the lack of posts and just catch you up to what’s been keeping me away…

Winter was extra snowy for us this year, and we really took advantage of that and our habits of hibernating during the cold months.  As things started warming up, you read about a friend of mine who committed suicide.  While I had been pulling away from sharing things for a while, these really added to my introspection and keeping things private.  All good, of course, but now I’m starting to pull back out of it and find a better balance.  Naturally, the warm weather is leading up to a busy summer when there’s more doing than sitting and thinking, my goal is to just embrace what it is in the moment!

March started wedding season for us – Steve and Cait were married in Monmouth, NJ, and a week later Timo and Jessica were married in Sonoma, CA.  Random was a groomsman in both weddings, and it was a busy time but we thoroughly enjoyed both – as well as the extra time we had to enjoy San Francisco and Sonoma!

We went to Baker Beach, where Burning Man originated, Muir Woods to see the redwoods, and Fisherman’s Wharf for the Musee Mechanique!  We stayed at the Lodge at Sonoma, which had amazing rooms with a gas fireplace, and managed to fit in one wine tasting though we had plenty of wine at the wedding (held at Sebastiani Vineyards).  The rest of the time was full of wedding activities, pampering for me with a manicure and pedicure, and hanging with friends – Random’s pals in Sonoma, our mutual friends from Burning Man’s Camp Jersey in San Fran, and a meet up with old friends of mine from veggie board days at Cafe Gratitude.

Still working on pics from the Cali trip. You saw a few iphone ones I posted but more will be up on flickr soon.


Steve and Caitlin



Before the weddings, there was pie. Pi day party, 3/14 at 1:59 pm.


QT Pie won the trophy for best pie - hers was the only one made from scratch and deserved it!


Random and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


Poppet kept travelling after San Fran, and met a lion at Random's mother's house!


Easter weekend meant Peep Sushi (Peepshi!) for major sugar overload!


My new quad camera app on the iphone and Random's family!

I’d love to wax poetical about the redwoods, and a great sense of peace that I felt there, but it’s almost beyond words. Maybe when I post the photos… I’m also halfway through the story of Julia Butterfly, who lived in a redwood tree (Luna) for two years to save it from destruction by logging companies (whose clear cutting caused mudslides and the loss of homes).  Truly amazing, and I can see how she felt so compelled to save these trees.

On our wedding front, we’re in the midst of moving the site so won’t work for a while, but we hope to have that changed soon! And I’m working on save-the-dates to send out this month. Fingers crossed 😛


It stinks that my birthday is at a time of year where I usually don’t feel very festive.  It gets dark early, I crave a rest from the craziness of spring/summer/fall, but I know that my birthday hits, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and it’s a lot. A lot of lot.  I always dream of January being one big nap, but then that never happens either.  Funny enough, two people I know posted this weekend about the same thing and the natural cycles of the seasons.

So yeah, it’s been quiet, at least outwardly on this blog, and thoughts/energy turn inwards.  And I have the odd desire to bake.

I’m trying not to be overzealous in wedding planning, but man did I need a new project to occupy inactive parts of my mind, and this one is a doozy 😀  We set the date and venue, and right now nothing is very stressful or urgent.  But it’s stirred up my crafting juices, which haven’t been used for much other than costuming lately, and I’m back on a craft kick.  And though the wedding was an excuse to buy a new toy, I think it will be used for other events more. 😛

I got a die cutter so that I can make felt flowers.  (Michael’s had them 40% off, and I had 15% off on top of that.)

Felt flowers are an alternative to real flowers in weddings, and made hugely popular by Princess Lasertron selling them on Etsy.  They are beautiful arrangements, and I admire the time/talent she has put into them. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I’m enjoying making my own version!  (I’m more inspired by than outright copying her, though I am going to try some embroidery as well!)  (you can also make your own from a kit she sells on etsy!)

Anyway, PL I’m not, but I only opened my die cutter for 20 minutes of unpacking and playing last night, and I already have these…

I threw one on a headband and wore it to work today!


So yeah.  Luckily the crafting bug hit me in time for some holiday presents and may help me save some money, but either way I’m enjoying it.  And oo0 – more gifts for burns!!! After the initial expense of the die cutter and flower shapes, these probably cost less than 20 cents each to make!

Wordless Friday

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

by TheOriginalLimey on Flickr

Necklush Tutorial

Necklush Tutorial

ETA : Bax at Flow Show – 4/24/09 from Hoopsie Daisy on Vimeo.

(Aside – Burning Man tickets go on sale tomorrow Wednesday January 14th!!! Didn’t want that info to get buried.)

You may not have heard about this, but chances are, you will.

I heard something in passing but never paid attention.  Today, I read about a hooper selling her hoops in Oregon who was told she can no longer sell them by shop owners.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (“CPSIA”) came about as a result of the toy recall in 2007 where some items produced in China containing high lead content, unsafe parts, and dangerous chemicals.

But they got a little carried away.   All manufacturers of items for children under 12 are now facing tight restrictions, prohibitively expensive testing fees, and enough legal hoops to close thousands of small businesses.

One poster on the Etsy forums for the CPSIA owns a small bookstore where 2,000 children’s books have been pulled from the shelves and must be destroyed, not even given away for free.  Any uncertified items are “contraband” and it will be illegal to sell or give away items to charity – even perfectly functional items must be destroyed or thrown in our landfills.

Thrift stores won’t be able to sell any children’s items.  The children’s consignment shop that only came to my town recently may have closed it’s doors already, I don’t know.   (ETA: I hear that used clothing is excluded, but new clothing is not… But I have not confirmed this.)

There is speculation over how this will affect taxes for schools (since educational supplies and textbooks are currently included) and even the simple availability of parts to repair a child’s bicycle.  This does not only affect the small businesses run out of homes, and parents of children under 12, but really affects us all.  The price to test items can run up to $4,000 PER ITEM – which most one-of-a-kind, small production companies or crafters cannot afford.

Even if you are an adult, purchasing something as simple as a hula hoop for yourself, this law can impact you.  As the nation is facing an economic crisis, costs of toys and clothing will increase and selection will decrease.

This really will affect all of us – please take a moment to read up on the act and take action.  Here are several resources and recommended ways to voice your opinion!  Also please write to your Congress Person and Senator to request changes to save handmade children’s products – a sample letter is here, and you can find your Congress Person and Senator here.

CPSIA Government site – The act is open for public comment on the latest exemptions to the Act until January 30.  (See PDF file for full information here)

Comments must be received by the Office of the Secretary no later than January 30, 2009.  Comments may be filed by email to Comments may also be filed by facsimile to (301) 504-0127 or by mail or delivery to the Office of the Secretary, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Room 502, 4330 East-West Highway, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814. Comments should be captioned “Section 102 Mandatory Third-Party Testing of Component Parts.” Interested persons will also have additional opportunities to comment following publication of any notices of rulemaking proceedings in the Federal Register which are commenced under this section.

Buy Handmade blog

Save Handmade!
(Get this tag on the buyhandmade blog!)

A blogging crafter’s personal story about public apathy regarding this act

Handmade Toy Alliancepetition here

National Bankruptcy Day – vote, and this issue may be one of 10 the site brings to a Washington DC seminar

Another petition

Reform CPSIA – information on a class action lawsuit for consumers and businesses

We all want children to be safe and protected from harmful items, but this act is a totally inappropriate reaction to the events in 2007 and innocent people are the victims.  Please speak up and let your voice be heard.  Thank you.