The amount of writing (mostly in emails/forums) I’ve done this week… I should just be a writer ;o)

Exhaustion hit me like a brick wall half an hour ago. I guess I am still tired from PDF, despite sleeping in on monday in a bed, but I only got to sleep in my own bed last night after a long day (2+ hour commute, workday, visiting dad for his birthday…)  I’m afraid I’m fighting off being sick. I can’t afford that, literally (I’d have to take a sick day unpaid, meanwhile they want mandatory OT at work), so fuck the unpacking and costume sewing. I’m taking it easy tonight and catching up with my DVR. The only critical things on my to-do list are feed the kitties and myself.

I want to do Nablopomo again this year, but strive for quality blog posts as well as posting everyday. I’m not masochistic enough to do Nanowrimo this year.

So, I need some help. I know I have some people reading this, but don’t hear from you often ;o)  I want some random questions or topics you’d like to hear me answer. List as many as you want. I’ll try to get to all of them (I tend to be fairly open, at least when questioned, but will keep in mind that family/coworkers can read this!) 

You can start leaving ideas now, although I won’t be using them until November 1.  And I’ll remind you closer to the date.

Yeah. Ok. I feel like I can fall asleep sitting up right now. I’m going, and thankful that I have a very short drive home. Take care y’all.