What can I say….

PEX rocked like it hasn’t rocked since last Heartburn!  It was GREAT to be home again!! We partied for almost 14 hours and we’re still recovering.

I let rabbit have an adventure as I “chased” him – found him magically just before it was time to leave! But he’s still not talking about where he was and what fun he had all night ;o)

The costumes worked out great and were worth all the work.  The Deviants ROCKED the ice luge, and the kissing bandit drew quite the crowd of customers! ;o)  Other favorite memories – a conversation without a conversation with Lucky.  (I know. He knows. It’s awesome.)  The rocking conversations and cuddles on the swing.  Thinking Laura was a bunny and saying I’d chase her all night, when she was actually a lamb!  The same old “we need to hang out more, we live 10 minutes from each other!” conversation with Cat and Adam.  (ETA: How could I forget?? Hanging with Andi and Billy after, Billy’s AMAZING blacklight flag show, trying to teach people Fluxx 😀 and sitting on the trampoline in the fall sun…) And every special moment shared with my love. ❤

See all my pics from the night here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/k8et/sets/72157608427216318/

Other than that, what happens at PEX, stays at PEX. 😀  Especially the third floor!

Huge love to everyone who made the party happen and to all those who attended.  You are all gorgeous sexy souls and make life worth living! Counting down the days until Heartburn…