On to more pressing items ;o)

I’m about to go home and finish working on our costumes.  Alice in Burnerland and Mad Hatter.  Started out just wanting to steampunk it – mine won’t be hugely steampunk (though gears, potions, and goggles are involved) and a bit, funky, so Burner/Playawear covers all 😀  still should be recognizable.  Photos coming soon, as I finish more!!

Started with this McCalls pattern – it comes in kids and adult sizes.


The little blue and white dress.  I did have a pattern I liked better, but it was $16, and this was on sale for $2.  No brainer.  It’s actually a very good pattern and results in a quality dress, not a costume level item.  Which means more time. :/

So my modifications… Take the blue dress as shown. Remove the top of apron. Make neckline lower. Decide to wear white corset on top, make neckline even lower, but wearable without the corset and still not flashing people ;o)  Skirt will be shorter, above the knee, with a crinolin (hopefully) underneath to make it more full.  White eyelet along edge of skirt just because I like it! (If I have enough!)

Apron will have pockets, gears, vials*, chain (ala pocketwatch)…. who knows what else. It’s not done yet.

White wide headband with silver goggles on my head.

Black and white checkered tights, same for wristwarmers, and cute black shoes I wore with my rockabilly costume last year.

One stuffed white rabbit. Hopefully with a vest (hitting kids department!!) and pocketwatch, we’ll see.

I stole the apron ideas from this post in a steampunk LJ comm.  (Can’t wait to see her outfit!)

Anyway – blue dress is 90% done – rather than handstitching some lining/hems I’m going to grab some iron on hem tape stuff. Make the crinolin and hem the skirt. Make apron and headband.

Finish pants for Random’s Mad hatter outfit (I only made the hat and pants. Just need to do the waistband/buttonholes/buttons.) Oh – and arm bands and a cravat.  He needs to steampunk his teapot that we found, and make a 9/10 sign for his hat.

That’s it for the most part. I need to figure out a purse of some kind for myself (if all else fails just a small bag of blue fabric, unless I find something at Walmart)  I keep thinking it’s not much work but worked feverishly for 4 hours last night and not done with the dress… The night before worked 2-3 hours on pants (which were cut and started) and I didn’t get the waistband/buttonholes/buttons done. We’ll see!!

Definitely looking forward to the finished product. 😀


* Also stolen from the LJ post referenced, they will be labeled “Drink Me,” “Cheshire Cat Bitters,” “Jabberwocky Repellant,” or such.  Rather than antique bottles, though, mine are test tube shots 😀