Forget how many shopping days till Christmas, how many shopping days until Santacon??

If you want the details on what/where/when Santacon is, email me. 

Is it a bar crawl?  Yes, parts of it.  Do you have to drink? No, but it helps get you in the holiday spirits. 

Is it a flash mob or performance art of some sort?  Kinda.  A big part of the fun is having over 1,000 santas appearing in public and surprising people!

Is it kid friendly?  Not so much in that not many kids tag along – though I’ve seen a few babies.  And we often give candy and small gifts to kids we pass during the day.  But we also sing naughty carols, and after dark, it’s DEFINITELY not kid friendly! 


Is it crazy?  Is it fun?  Yes and Yes!  (there is a NYC date posted here but it’s not 100% verified…)

Pics from past events: (mine and some friends)