So yeah. I decided to do NaBloPoMo, and in addition, a photo a day challenge for myself.  (I started Project 365 on flickr, but stopped when my old camera broke. 30 is less intimidating than 365 ;o)  But, if I don’t take a photo on a day, I’ll give myself permission to use an OLD photo, with some time touching it up in photoshop to sharpen those skills. K?  

Oh, and a blog post a day is just that.  Doesn’t have to be text, can just be a photo.  Doesn’t have to be witty.  The photos don’t have to be amazing (I got desperate fast in the two weeks I did Project 365!!! Seriously).  The concept is to DO IT.  To be willing to do it BADLY, in order to learn, and improve your skills.  And maybe something worthwhile comes out of it, among all the silly nonsense.

And yeah, it only hit me now that November starts tomorrow. 

Why do I do this to myself?  Who knows*.  At least it’s not a novel


* oh yeah. Because I want to take more photos and write more, which are among my 43 things to do. That’s why.  And even when I dislike it, I work better under pressure…