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Yes yes, simplifying by doing more ;o)  but this is necessary for my sanity, and being able to relocate if/when I want or have to!! Not to mention being able to walk around my apartment and use the closets.

Found some cool links today, so keeping it here for a record.

A while ago I knew about Apartment Therapy, but I keep forgetting to check it regularly or take part in challenges.

Today I found Zen Habits and the Unclutterer.

I’m at the point where I want to toss every item in my apartment in the dumpster.  Obviously not going to happen.  However I do need to get rid of much of my stuff – I suspect a lot of it will be trashed when it could be donated/sold, but I’ve been using the donation/freecycle/sell on ebay excuse for way too long as I put off this task and it grows larger and larger.

Do you need something? Let me know. I may have it. Ask now before it’s gone.  I may send out notices when about to trash something possibly useful, and give friends a 24 hour window to come salvage it…

Currently on my list of soon to be in the dumpster: (Note, many items are full of cat hair and dust, in case you have allergies.)

– 4 large, heavy dense floor pillows from walmart. Nowhere near clean, as they went camping and to henna gigs with me.  Bonus: bright yellow fake fur covers for them.

– A cheap walmart area rug, dark red with black, cream, other colors, oriental looking.  From memory, I guess about 4’x6′

Photos of rug and floor pillows located here

– Two lime green folding floor chairs supposed to be like back-jacks but don’t work nearly as well – shorter and not as strong. Best suited for kids I suspect.

Photo (kinda) showing the floor chair, and the yellow fur covers for pillows, here

– Mosquito netting bed hanging. Off white (er, at least it is now…) and very dusty.

– Henna – anyone want some henna? Jamila, at least 2-3 years old, kept in freezer entire time. Perfect for hair, may be ok for body art (fine for practice, but if you want high quality stains get fresher stuff!) I may keep some but I can spare some boxes.

– Do you have a current craft hobby or want to take one up? I have many crafty items that I would barter or sell, including a heck of a lot of beads for jewelry, mostly seed beeds and fun square beads.  Also a bunch of jewelry I made, and a cool carrying case for it. Let’s talk. This will take more time, as for some items I don’t know fully what I have, where I have it, and such.  (As I purge and decide to offer stuff up I may list things specifically, but we can brainstorm anytime if you have an interest!)
**beading supplies gone, will update if anything is left. for other crafts, we’ll discuss.**

– Roomba. No accessories/instructions, just the item itself and plug for charging.  It’s red.  I have too much cat hair and long hair of mine on the floor for it.  Only tried a few times, worked fine other than that.

You have until Monday evening to say you want any of these, and until next Friday (the 17th) to pick it up if you do want it. (Not applicable to the crafty stuff.)  Beyond that, it will be in or next to the dumpster and the garbage truck comes on Monday.  (I’m away at PDF this weekend, leave a comment or email me if interested!)

Money in exchange is always accepted but not always necessary and I certainly won’t take more than I’d pay for it in it’s current condition.  It’s free (or whatever you feel the value is worth) unless I specify something as sale/barter, i.e., the jewelry supplies and crafty stuff.  As for barter, while I do not want to take any more “stuff” in exchange unless it’s something special or useful, I would consider taking clothing donations in the proper size or food/booze ;o)


So yesterday was a flurry of emails among my merry band of deviants. (We’re doing a theme camp called Camp Deviant at PDF.)  The last minute planning/packing/scheduling, and procrastinating as none of us wanted to be at work.

Unfortunately, they all have today off to pack and run around and hit the road, arriving when the gates open to the public.

I am at work.  No one to email with about how excited we are, and how awesome this weekend will be.

Of course I have my love to talk to ;o) we will be in touch throughout the day as always.  And – happysappy alert – this weekend is our half playaversary!  No, it hasn’t been quite 6 months (although it feels like a lifetime ago – in the good way!), but we met at spring PDF, so I’ll always count it in playa calendars in addition to regular calendar months. 😀

The car is mostly packed, and I already can’t see out the back window.  Need to pack my clothes and toiletries, and anything else I forgot, after work.  Then I’m heading down to Random’s, where we will be crafting a sign and a bar game, and helping him pack.  I could rush down to PDF tonight, but I don’t want to set up a tent in the dark and sleep alone in the cold!  He is working from home tomorrow, so when he gets up and starts working, I’ll make my way to PDF.  My deviants need me, and I have ranger duty (one of the ways to volunteer is to be a Ranger, doesn’t require too much work, basically you just know who to contact in an emergency, and help settle little crisises – crises? um drama that comes up sometimes).  Anyway – he’ll be going down to PDF after he finishes work tomorrow.  Since there’s currently no room for him in my car, it’s probably a good thing we are going in two. ;o)

So I’ll sit here today, and work, and wait.  I am excited for the theme camp.  I am also trying not to have expectations, as expectations and burns never mix well.  Aside from a ranger shift, a meal shift in our camp, and a camp event I’m running  – grilled cheese sammiches! taking over for Maria who couldn’t return this playa for her infamous sammich making skills 😦  – I have no plans and only hope to have a low stress/low drama weekend, full of fire, friendship, and love.

I think we’ve got that covered.

I’ll be thinking of those who couldn’t make it this time as the pony burns – that’s you, Mizz Buttafl’i, and our cheezy Maria, and oh damn I don’t even know who else will be missing. OH Dove and Josh.  They are in Africa with Peace Corps!  That link is their blog, a REALLY interesting read!  I owe them an email & a donation for hoops out there once I can afford it.  I’m definitely going to miss those crazy sexy kids, they always make me happy.

Big E, here I come. Hope you are ready for some hugs!!!! 😀 










Why the hell do I want to make life more crazy for myself?  These things only sound fun when I’m wasting time online to pass the day.

I have attempted nanowrimo twice. Never got more than a week into it. I did do nablopomo last year, but on a private blog that no one really read, I think, which is a good thing for all involved. Not very difficult.  Difficult to write QUALITY every day. I definitely didn’t.  I dislike the organization of nablopomo, and love the nanowrimo forums.  But I don’t really want to be tied to the computer in all my spare time.


Time to go knock things OFF the to do list, not add them ;o)

So, Random wants to set up his own blog ;o)  When he does, I’ll link to it from here. (He may also guest post on mine, who knows!)  Got me thinking more about what I want out of this blog.

I’ve been pretty edited in my postings here. Usually nothing you don’t want mom or an employer to read.  (Typically I keep my real name seperate, but I have content on the web with my real (nick) name and a link to here.)

I want to write more, but I can’t decide if I want to break down those walls and be more informal, open and honest (the way I can be on friends-only blogs, such as my tribe blog) or if I want to strive for better writing and reaching more of an audience.  The latter makes me think I would have to consistently write more formal entries, such as those I wrote for the Morristown Green blog about Burning Man, however it’s not necessarily the case and just my internal expectations.

Am I writing for myself or the audience?  Both.  I like having this blog as a check in point for friends, a way to update everyone if they choose to read it.  Everyone wants to be heard, or else blogging wouldn’t be public.  And I’ll admit I love checking blog and flickr account stats for shits and giggles! ;o)  But ultimately I do it for my own enjoyment/cathartic exercise. 

I read a lot of blogs. Friends who post often and fairly openly, if only for friends only communities (on myspace, tribe, LJ).  Those who are celebrities for blogging (dooce and yarnharlot).  And then there’s the niche of those people that I don’t know, they aren’t THAT well known publicly, and yet I’m a loyal reader and almost feel like we are friends even if we’ve never talked.  The top of this list has to be Jen Gray. Her entries always include a photo (I want to take more photos!!), and most of the time some thoughts in her head that both show who she truly is, without revealing every single intimate detail of her life.  These entries are moving, inspirational, comforting, hilarious.  I even find awesome music thanks to her fearless self-made movies.

Ha. I hadn’t read her most recent entry until double checking the URL for the link above.

Leave it to Jen to answer the question before I even asked it today.


its okay if you dont do it like they do it
and its okay if you do it that way instead of this way

at the end of the day,
this is still YOUR story.

and not a single person on or off the planet can
tell it or work it the way you can.

your thumbprint is essential here.

only you can see from your eyes,
only you can speak the words in your heart,
only you…

you are past the trying to force a way that doesnt belong to you,
that is why you feel that stuck shit feeling….
because it no longer works.

you know better now.

its your song
your story
your way
your expression
your essence
that is the ticket here.

no one can do it just like you.
not a one.

you own the pencil
you are the author of your life.

and thank god.

it would be like a world of re-runs if we did it everyone else’s way.


Do you blog?  How do you choose your voice, or how you present yourself, if that is a conscious decision at all?  What do you expect out of other blogs, whether your friend’s or a stranger’s?  Is there anything you want to see more of in this blog?  I won’t bother asking what you want less of – if it’s here, it’s because I want it… Aside from self-editing for professional or personal reasons, I’m not going to stop doing something when you can easily hit the back button in your browser.  (I’m fair, and try to alert readers before something is graphic or controversial so you have some warning ;o)



Accident, originally uploaded by k8et.

How my car was hit and Lauren’s car was totaled while sitting in the driveway.

Driver started in her garage, backed up at an angle hitting her own garage, went across the street, into our cars in the driveway, then switched from reverse to drive and hit the telephone pole.

Driver was fine and refused to go to hospital.

Added irony is that it’s the second destruction of a bush in that exact spot.

I need to blog more. Or maybe I’m just bored. *shrug*

Getting ready for Playa Del Fuego – it’s one week from today!!! My friends and I will be running a theme camp this time and I’m very excited for it.

Otherwise, I’m working on costumes for the halloween party at PEX.  Unfortunately it’s the same night as NYC decom, but my heart belongs to Philly. Sorry big apple! 😀   Random and I will be a steampunkified Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.  Currently looking for gears/mechanisms, glasses for him, and possibly a pink flamingo for me…  Started cutting out fabric for my dress last night.  On the floor.  For over an hour.  I have muscles hurting in strange places.  o.O

That’s about it.  This weekend, hitting up a Cranberry Festival (a project at work involves Cranbury Brook in NJ – just when I learned to type it as a -bury, I need to switch back to the -berry. ayeayeaye)  because who doesn’t like cranberries?  And Bordentown looks like a cool area, so adventuring we will go.  The rest of the weekend will probably be crafting/sewing time as I attempt to make a top hat, and teach Random how to make pants.

Oct 18 will be a NJ Burner Fall Outing day at Doyle’s Farm – anyone is welcome, contact me if you aren’t on the NJ Burning Man email list and need details (once they are decided!)

I need to hoop more.  I need to clean up the apartment – the weekend after PDF I’ll be hosting a small meeting/crafting party.  I need to take more photos.  I need more hours in the day and longer weekends….

Almost Famous

I guess I may be on my way to being a local celebrity. OK, maybe not, but I am all over lately and I find it highly amusing.  ;o)  Here’s an article on my friend Ter’i’s hoop jam that turned into a fire spinning evening.  Which is where I fire hooped for the first time. Unfortunately, I guess none of those photos turned out… 😦   The journalist’s flickr set is here, and has some pics of me doing poi and fire eating.