I need to blog more. Or maybe I’m just bored. *shrug*

Getting ready for Playa Del Fuego – it’s one week from today!!! My friends and I will be running a theme camp this time and I’m very excited for it.

Otherwise, I’m working on costumes for the halloween party at PEX.  Unfortunately it’s the same night as NYC decom, but my heart belongs to Philly. Sorry big apple! 😀   Random and I will be a steampunkified Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.  Currently looking for gears/mechanisms, glasses for him, and possibly a pink flamingo for me…  Started cutting out fabric for my dress last night.  On the floor.  For over an hour.  I have muscles hurting in strange places.  o.O

That’s about it.  This weekend, hitting up a Cranberry Festival (a project at work involves Cranbury Brook in NJ – just when I learned to type it as a -bury, I need to switch back to the -berry. ayeayeaye)  because who doesn’t like cranberries?  And Bordentown looks like a cool area, so adventuring we will go.  The rest of the weekend will probably be crafting/sewing time as I attempt to make a top hat, and teach Random how to make pants.

Oct 18 will be a NJ Burner Fall Outing day at Doyle’s Farm – anyone is welcome, contact me if you aren’t on the NJ Burning Man email list and need details (once they are decided!)

I need to hoop more.  I need to clean up the apartment – the weekend after PDF I’ll be hosting a small meeting/crafting party.  I need to take more photos.  I need more hours in the day and longer weekends….