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1 ‘con down, 1 to go.


All pics are here.

Santacon Update

I set up a group text message thing, only for people that I (or my merry band of Deviant elves) know personally, for NYC and PEX santacons.

If that means you, and you want updates on where we are during santacon, let me know. (I need either your email or your phone #.  my email is k8et1120 (at) gmail (dot) com.)

If I don’t know you – and I see a lot of people finding my blog looking for santacon updates – sorry, no offense, please follow my twitter and I’ll try to keep you up to date as well.  (One person left a comment on my about me page, asking me to email him, but left no email!!)

I do NOT have ANY insider info.  I will only know what is posted at 10 pm friday night, and where we are at any given moment in the city – I won’t know where we are headed when we are travelling.

See you Ho’s soon! 😀

NY Santacon

I’ll post more about this later, but for those who want to stay in touch the day of NYC Santacon, PM me for my number if you don’t have it.

http://nycsantacon.com/  – starting location will be announced night before at 10 pm.

starts at 10 am saturday dec 13. I’m not sure when our group is joining – either for the start, or noonish to be better rested up for a long night ;o)

rather than mass texting people who have asked me for updates (cuz you know my brain! i already forget who asked me first! :D)  subscribe to my twitter and set it to update you via text messages. i’m sure you’ll want to cancel it after santacon, but for now, it’s easiest…


WHOOT! er, i mean HO HO HO!!!


** Wear warm layers as festive as you can get, bring a metrocard, booze, water, snacks, comfy shoes.