Working to find cool stuff I can never afford!!

The daisy-chain of websites started with my daily check of – great for a laugh, or waste a week reading the whole site. *looks innocent*

Top of the page is a link to a new site of theirs, – where cool stuff of various price ranges is showcased.

And now, equine lover that I am… I want this stool!!!

How much? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

And now I’m curious about what exactly IS lomography, and how can I get some of these cool cameras without reverting to pricey film development??

A camera with a fake fur bikini? Come one, what burner DOESN’T want one?

How about disposable cameras with optional color filter over the flash? Hmm starting at $10 each, I don’t use too many cameras out at the burn… If only I had spare cash right now!

Some of these are just TOO cool…

OK OK… If I’m going to get credit for staying this late at work I’d better get off my blog.

(More cool cameras here)


How many days till the Burn???