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It’s World Hoop Day! May you all enjoy the hoopbliss of swirling in circles!!

I’ll be running over to Wayne NJ to hoop it up with Ter’i Buttafly in celebration (Holler to me or her if you want to join us! 5:30 pm and onwards.) Or check out or the hula hooping tribe for events local to you!

Besides World Hoop Day, my friend says:

“Opening of the “Triple-8” gate on the Earth Plane. The Olympics aren’t the only thing starting on 8/8/08!

8 is a power number in several traditions.
8 turned sideways is the symbol of infinity; it’s also a representation of two souls facing each other and linking. (think about it for a moment…)

The triple-8 stargate is an opportunity to breathe new life into your projects before the time of completion (which is signified in the number 9) It’s a quickening.

Yes, there was a triple-eight two years ago (8/8/2006). I see that as the gate opening on the astral plane. This triple-8 is the energy arriving on the material plane.

Just to further muddy the waters, a link for consideration:
Once past the “woo-woo,” there are some excellent concepts to be pondered.

Tighten your seatbelts, ladies & germs!”