A Pirate Tail

Arrrgh! Capt’n Stevie of the Seven Seas has a new ship! Let’s get ready to sail away and pillage!

Sail looks sturdy, ahoy mates! Anchors away!

I’s be hungry for some fish – I’ll set some bait on the fishin’ line… ‘Haps we’ll get lucky and catch us a shark!

All set… now we wait!

Ayyye ya scurvy rascal! Git back down there and shovel more coal in the furnace!

Yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum! We’s got ourselves a shark, time for a feast boys!

I think I have some gristle stuck in ma teeth… Any o’ you lads got floss?

Port’s a’callin – shovel some more coal Josie!

Wherez my hoors??

A pirate’s life for me! I’z be nodding off now after another barrel o’ rum…. See ya on our next adventure!