work feet 2

Trapped in a grey cubicle.

If you wonder why my photos over the next 8 weeks take to a theme, it’s for the Unravelling e-course. I’ll share some photos and some writing here, but to keep the integrity of the course I will not be posting everything or our given exercises.

These shoes are great for inbetween weather, where your feet want to be barefoot or in flip flops (because we recently had 90 degree days in April) but it’s raining and cool out, and the office is kept as cold as a meat locker.

I rarely wear skirts to work, and wore this one today – thinking I’d be ready to part with it in the Great Bedroom Purge.  While it is a little large on me, it’s not falling off, and I’m debating it.  But unless I wear it more often, I should be tossing donating it.

The pairing reminds me of arguments with my mother.  In high school we wore a uniform (yup Catholic school!), white blouse, plaid skirt and kneesocks, with the option of pants/shirts/sweaters that were white, navy, or hunter green.  I hated pairing black shoes with navy – like nails on a chalkboard I couldn’t do it.  Not that I’m very fashionista, but just my innate sense of how color theory SHOULD work, it was wrong.  Since I didn’t have navy shoes, I’d wear brown.  My mom thought this was just as wrong as I felt about black.

Seems a quick google shows the black vs brown battle has no clear winner.  Some contend that the shoes must be as dark or darker than the outfit (seems to be a definite rule in menswear), but others offered recommendations of different colors altogether which are lighter.  Yikes.  Well, with the white and light blue pinstripes, maybe my warm brown shoes are a fashion offence.  But I’m happy and comfortable, so if anyone gives me a hard time I’ll just kick them with my awesome shoes.  😛    Hey look – my blog theme is blue and brown.  If it works in graphic design, why not in fashion???