I just spent time searching for a cupcake recipe. Not just ANY recipe, but one I stumbled on before and made, and didn’t remember where.

I lucked out and found it! But not before significant cursing at myself for not blogging every time I make cupcakes.  I should post the recipe, any changes I made, and how it turned out.

I certainly hope to be able to recreate these tonight, but anyone whose birthday is tomorrow should not click that link, shut the hell up & forget they read this, and hope that the time to make these falls into place and I’m successful…..

Oh yeah, August break is over.  The “planned” break didn’t work very long, but I took a break all right.  Didn’t do a thing a day, but just got rid of 3 large bags full of clothes so that covers an item a day!

Expect me to be pretty sparse around here until after the nuptials 😛