So – what else to do when you are bored at work? (Or, not bored but procrastinating?)  Create a new blog ;o)

I’m fairly spread out online, and I’ve blogged in multiple places. Myspace, Tribe, Zaadz (which changed names to Gaia)…  But, wordpress is easy and it was a cinch to take a domain (I could have sworn I checked before and it wasn’t available!) and point it to it. So now, when I want to exchange info with someone, my domain for here ( in case you came in through the wordpress back door) is much easier than “are you on Myspace? or Facebook?” and sharing multiple user names. So here I am.

Playing around with some of the toys – I’ve used wordpress for another blog but haven’t explored it’s full capabilities.  I now can post a blog post with a photo from my phone, or just send a text to twitter to update the sidebar for that.  I may phase out using the other blogs I have, or at times I may use them for friends only or specific target audiences (i.e., Tribe is mostly my Burning Man and fire artist friends).

So bookmark me, rss feed me, slap my ass and call me Sally… Do whatever you want to do. If you want your blog or account listed in my sidebar just holler!  For more ways to reach me, click that “About me and where to find me” at the top of the page.  Blogwarming gifts much appreciated ;o) 

Listening to: BigJawn’s Healing mix