Yesterday was an interesting day, with quite the extremes….

First, I got dressed up in my new corset from Alter Ego on ebay (bought it for Heartburn).  My more traditional faire outfit/skirt wasn’t clean, so I just went with modern – a black knee length skirt and tall black boots.  I went down to Wicked Faire, where I caught up with an old friend, and did a bit of shopping. (Some practical and fun things for fire spinning, and some fun things from the adult only room ;o)

Next I was meeting up with friends to celebrate Meesh’s and her friend’s birthday.  I figured I’d show off my corset to her as part of her present hehe.  It’s been a LONG time since I walked into a Fuddruckers, and I did not expect quite so many ankle biters (kids) running around.  I closed my sweater and coat while walking back to their table, but still got some interesting looks I’m sure.  Showed off my purchases, and gave Meesh her gift.  Then we were out of there (after I did a quick change into t-shirt and jeans in the bathroom) and went to the FunPlex.

I grew up in this area, and often went bowling or to the movies across the street, but never made it in the FunPlex.  Let me tell you, I had a blast. I haven’t laughed that hard without alcohol in a LONG time — we went go-karting, bumper cars, laser tag, pinball, and dance dance revolution (I actually had never played it… I was scarred emotionally from doing henna at a gaming convention where I was across from that game and heard it non-stop for two days in a row… but it WAS fun!)

Ended up back at Minerva’s for some adult beverages, drinking out of my penis sippy cup ;o) from the faire.  Quite the contrast, going from R to PG and then back again…  but I had a blast, and I’m so happy that Meesh and Janay decided to do this for their birthday celebration!! Happy Birthday gals!!!