Stealing this idea again from people on tribe.  I’m always trying to invite all my friends to things I do, but I assume some people are on the same lists I am, or I forget that someone expressed interest in joining me…  So here’s important dates coming up, where I’ll be, and whether you can come too and how ;o)  Don’t tell me I never tell you about these things!

Saturday April 19th – Backyard Burn in Northern NJ. I’m not recruiting for this LMAO anymore than I have. If you are on the NJ burner email list or friends with the hostess on tribe, you know about it and how to get more info.  I hope to see many familiar faces there!!!

Sunday April 20th – (private) – Baby Shower

Sunday April 20th – evening – Possibly BPAL Will Call out in PA…. Anyone want to go with me? I don’t want to drive alone.

Friday April 25th – Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride and Happy Hour – out on the town, I believe this time.

Saturday April 26th – privatish – Housewarming up in Lake Hopatcong! (privateish in that I could bring a friend, but can’t publish the details for the world!)  I MAY do Ag Field day beforehand, need to find out what time the housewarming starts.  

May 1 – Wildfire tickets on sale

May 10th – PEX Phoenix Rising! One of only 3 PEX parties in Philly this year, in a new location, LIMITED IN ATTENDANCE!!!!  You MUST check out the PEX tribe on and send in your invite request ASAP!!!! (If you are stuck and need an invite, let me know.)

May 22-26 – PLAYA DEL FUEGO!!!! Tickets still available!!!!

June 12-16 – WILDFIRE!

July 12 – NJ Burner Beach Bash

July 18-21 – TRANSFORMUS!

August 9 – PEX Compression Party

August 25-Sept 1 – BURNING MAN!!!!  Where I will be performing in the fire conclave with Aish Tamid, a Philly fire conclave group, if we get accepted!  We’ll also be doing the performance at PEX’s camp earlier in the week.  I’ll be camping with my friend from Reno again (with the yummy home brews!) but will be spending much more time in Camp Jersey and PEX than before.  If anyone needs a place to stay in Reno, my friend’s house is open to any burners.

September 5-7 – privateish – Lhiapalooza (silly girly slumber party with lots of drinking!)

October 9-13 – PLAYA DEL FUEGO!

October 18-19 – Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival – I’ll be taking an out of state friend up and we may get a hotel for the night.

October 25 – PEX Decompression/Halloween Party