Horror of horrors.

The days of relaxed internet use at work are coming to an end….

A new firewall installed today. So far, most of the most-visited sites are still working. Obviously myspace and facebook aren’t. 

But what hurts most is Tribe.net is blocked. 😦  that’s my burner headquarter central!! never had that blocked before.  

I’m devastated. If they take away gmail, wordpress, my veggie board, the tavern, bpal……. I’ll have nothing left.  Except that W word that they expect us to do while in this building. 😦


I had great rides to and from Philly yesterday.  Great meditative/philosophical thoughts that I wish I could have blogged or written while I was driving.  But I couldn’t.  Oh well.


Expect more blogs. Off to see what other damage the firewall does to my social life….