So despite not having any New Year’s resolutions, I’m still working on reorganizing our home and my finances.

Going over my monthly expenses, I am reminded yet again that I am paying $8.95 a month for a Typepad account for 3 blogs that haven’t been touched in 3 years (for two of them, one was updated about a year ago).

The photos and files hosted on there are also on my computer.  Though at times, they have been easier to find on the blog, or accessible from work, it’s not necessary.

If I deleted them, I’d lose the entries.  I don’t know how to back that up.  I could make a huge word document.  I don’t know why I’m hesitant to let go of this account, wordpress has been much better for me.

The three blogs are my knitting blog, my henna blog (I had the domain for a while, but let it lapse since I don’t do it much anymore), and a general blog using the craft name Creatures of Nature.  I used this for various interests that I dabbled in – jewelry, reiki, and other crafty stuff, usually based on animals or natural items like semi-precious stones.  It is kindof interesting to look back, and see how I bounce around hobbies!


So – should I end that account? Yeah, I know the answer.  What’s the best way to back them up?


ETA:  Seriously.  About 2-3 hours after I posted this, I wanted to find a photo.  A photo that I have on my computer at home, but I’m at work, and I remembered having it in a typepad album and found it pretty quickly.  Sigh.  Makes me reconsider giving it up – but is it THAT important to have a photo of an awesome t-shirt that I need to find in my laundry pile to wear to DC just to show it to someone I’m chatting with online at that moment?  I think the answer is no.