Travel arrangements had been made in advance, and a flight was booked for the steampunk family – Doctor Red, Professor Green, and Master Blue.  They were excited about their trip, and settled into their cushioned tissue seats for the journey.

“Is there a radio on in here? I keep hearing voices” said the Professor.  But the Doctor and Master Blue insisted it was his imagination, or the drone of the airplane engine.

Upon their arrival at the destination, over 2,500 miles away, they were relieved to stretch themselves after the ride.  They were also a bit sore.  “Hmm” said the Doctor.  “The tissue seats are normally much more comfortable than this.   In fact, there’s a definite lump here” as he punched the spot in question.

“OOOF!” said a voice.  The steampunk poppets stepped back.

Digging through the tissue, a family of not one, not two, not even three but FOUR stowaway poppets was found!

Professor #2 and #3 tried to come up with a reasonable explanation, saying their flight was overbooked and they were bumped onto this one… Master Blue #2 looked very un-masterly and depressed, and Doctor Red #2 was too concerned about everyone’s aches and stiffness to realize the situation at hand.

Professor #3 and Red #2 went on an exploratory mission, and braved the dangers of a large species of feline unknown to them.  (Click photos to see larger)


Professor #3 kept his distance, but Red #2 was much too curious and ended up much too close.


He ran for his life when the massive feline looked the other way.


He caught up with Professor #3 outside of the building, and was dismayed to find it cold and wet.


“This is definitely NOT California!  What is this white cold substance??? How do we get back home?”  Red #2 complained.

Luckily the two stowaway professors had connections, and soon a flight home was arranged.  They had a brief tour and history lesson, and learned that their unexpected adventure landed them in the state of New Jersey, in a town where George Washington spent a winter during the Revolutionary war.  Professor #2 explained how the soldiers had to live in the cold substance outside, called “snow”, for a brutal winter.  The other poppets huddled under a blanket, and looked forward to the sunscreen days of California.

New Jersey

Cabin from Revolutionary War era

NJ Map

Professor #1 (the new resident) said it was a shame they had to leave, as the beaches in NJ are quite nice, even if they aren’t like those in California. Doctor #2 said they may come back for a visit, though they were wary of the “hotel” suggested to them by a stranger…

Check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

The resident steampunks reassured them that there’s always room to stay for a visit, and that the two felines were domesticated and presented no danger.

Unsure of whether they believed that, the stowaways packed up their souvenirs and got settled for the journey home.

It was a grand adventure for sure, but they were happy to be going home until the day they find a new place to live permanently.  Something tells me they may be destined for the desert…

Office Poppet sees the stowaways off safely!

Office Poppet sees the stowaways off safely!

* Note, original stowaways were not placed in any danger for this photoshoot, in fact, the new resident steampunk poppets were stunt doubles on their behalf.  Master Blue already was at his day job, and had to miss the events.