Happy Easter (belated), Passover, Ostara, day of chocolate and sugar, or whatever you celebrate! 😀

Just a quick note, been meaning to blog but time is flying by.  I had off Friday, but got up at a reasonable hour and was on the go all day, yet didn’t get nearly enough done.  But – easter baskets were made – really a first time doing this for family – my grandmother on my dad’s side passed since last easter, and I made baskets for my dad and cousins.  I made one for Random as well, and instead of fresh flowers got the eggs with soils/seeds in them for Mom and grandma.  Then I tried to make headway on the black hole of a bedroom, spending two hours cleaning and doing laundry, with not much to show for it. *shrug*

Friday night we went shopping at home depot, and Saturday (after a bridesmaid meetup for my cousin) we went to our friends’ house to work on my art project for Playa del Fuego.  Got decent progress on it, but it’s not done (or even at painting stage. patience patience…) Had dinner with Mom’s side for easter and my step-dad’s birthday, and then went back to our friends for a night out at Pumps.  Hey, drinks were cheap, and it kinda reminded me of PDF!  😛

Sunday was dinner with my dad’s side, cleaning out the attic there since my dad will be putting the house on the market this week.  It is tough on us but at the same time, it’s no longer the same house as when Grandma Betty was here.  I managed to get another of her crocheted afghans – in a fabulous tacky (as opposed to ugly tacky) blue and green pattern.  I had really hoped to get another, since I only had one that she made me and it’s very pink/girly/flowery.  She gave up crocheting a year or so before she passed because the chemo caused nerve damage in her hands, and she never got to make a “wedding” afghan for me like she did for my cousins.  I was a little disappointed, and glad that I was able to grab another – the fact that it’s very funky and offbeat (in a way that works, in my world anyway) makes it better than one in ecru!

Soon I’ll be posting a blog on my new hobby – writing it properlike so it will take more time to assemble and use correct capitalization and all that fun grammar stuff 😛  but I wanted to drop a note while I could.  Tonight, Random and I are looking for a new TV (as it’s getting old slapping this one to stop the image from flickering) so wish us the luck of the retail gods.

He is still looking for a car.  (Small, good gas mileage, has character, $5k and under.  Loves beetles and little hatchbacks.)

I have a friend in Millington NJ who is looking for a roommate.  If you know anyone looking for a place to live, hit me up in email or something.

Me?  Hating Mondays as usual, but work is not stressful today. Other than stressing over making a choice buying a TV tonight, I am doing absolutely awesome!!  So of course when I have nothing to bitch about you see less of me 😛