rainbow socks in the rain

Rainbow socks brighten a rainy day!

Put on this pair of pants today that I haven’t worn in years.  Lost weight but still kindof in between sizes, as they are tight, and short, but all the better to show off my socks! 😀

My shoes are my daily shoes that I wear to work – so comfortable unless really walking long distances – dansko clogs.  Photo taken on way to get lunch at the building next door, because if I tried taking one in my cubicle my coworker may think I’m strange.  (By now most of them should KNOW I am!  But I didn’t feel like fielding questions.)

So I thought about doing some retail therapy this morning.  Given the nature of the unravelling ecourse, I hopped back over to the Lomography site.  I had drooled over some of their items before, and almost got the disposables with color flash filters for Burning Man.  But given the lower price of the actual cameras, it makes more sense to get a regular one – I won’t care TOO much if it gets destroyed by the dust, but with a little caution it should be fine.  (I never would risk my DSLR.  Yeah it’s not top of the line, but I couldn’t replace it if something happened.)

I was happily perusing when I was called away by my boss, and much to our surprise – our project group got gift checks for meeting an important deadline!! So when it came down to it, I couldn’t choose between a fisheye and a colorsplash, and I got both.  Just over double what I would have wanted to spend, but half was covered by my bonus. (Free shipping, and bundled with a bunch of film which cost less than half the price of buying it separately.)

Next time, maybe it will be an instant camera (Susannah who teaches the course loves polaroids…) or one of the multi-lens options (I linked to 3 of the varieties but there’s a few more.)

Notice how well my reward inspired me to work hard today? 😛  Knowing the crunch that will happen before the deadline (which keeps changing), I know I’ll be working like crazy regardless of how little or much gets done now.