I’ve been quiet over here, between PDF, work deadlines, and all that kind of fun stuff… but I’m still here!

This month is a whirlwind and I already don’t know where May went, so I expect it to go faster.

This weekend – bachelorette party 😀

Next – Figment! I may be going with a Buttafly, as Random will have a bachelor party that night.

The next weekend is Random’s birthday (June 21) and the wedding that he is officiating for his friends (the above mentioned bach parties) on June 20, so we’ll be down the shore.

After that, June 26/27 is a garage sale hosted by the Deviants (come shop! sell! contact me for info!! It’s in Lake Hopatcong) and that Saturday night, anyone who plays with fire should contact me about hanging out and doing such nonsense in honor of Random’s birthday.

Spin jam is tonight, as long as the clouds hold off, and I keep giving them the evil eye…. (Either they’ll listen or retaliate.  JUST CHOOSE ALREADY!)

My limited photos from PDF are here – some film ones stll need developing.  Drinko was a huge hit! Especially combined with Skittles Vodka and Vets!


Processing lots of stuff with my e-course – funny enough, by NOT doing some of the exercises.  Le sigh.  It’s been stressful (mostly because of work deadlines) but they are done now, and I feel like I’ve been getting extra attention from my love in order to help eliminate stress 😀  Absolutely no complaints here.

Life is good, just busy and hectic and fast right now.  Trying to stay in the moment.