The spin jam yesterday was small but by no means uneventful. An old car show and DJ were at the Green, playing 50’s music and even giving me a shout out when they played the song “Hula Hoop”, talking about the hooping going on! Apparently they’ll be there the first Thursday in July and August so come hoop to the oldies with me! 😀

While waiting for friends to show up, I was attacked by a mob of kids going after my hoops. I was outnumbered and overcome. For a while I frantically tried to make sure that they weren’t wandering toward the road (with hoops), throwing the hoops around, or hitting each other. Eventually I just stopped and laughed at the chaos of it all!!! And took photos on my phone.

Aside from two mothers – one who wants to buy a hoop (I hope she does) and one who approached midway through and asked me if it was ok for them to play – most of the adults with them did not express any interest or care for the safety of their kids, the safety of my hoops (I wasn’t worried, they can take a beating), or whether I minded having them all fight over the hoops. A huge thank you to those two mothers who DID take the time to talk to me and make sure it was ok! (When the first two kids approached me, I did offer the hoops to play with. I just never expected 20 more to show up!)

Eventually the flash mob moved on, and I was left to hoop and spin poi and convince passers by to try it as well… The music was much different than what I usually hoop to, but I knew many of the songs and it was a pleasant time.

And now I need to go buy cheap kiddie hoops so that I can offer it as bait to the invasive species, and make sure the adults can play as well! I mean, we have so much less play time than they do, it’s only fair! 😀