Colorsplash camera, dancing at PEX at Playa Del Fuego

Developed more film from my colorsplash and fisheye cameras.  Better than the first attempts, but I’m less enthused about them than I should be.  They will be going to Burning Man however, I think the day shots will come out well with fisheye (the flash isn’t working on this well either- ugh) and nighttime – well the colorsplash flash works half the time. Oh well.


Fisheye camera, Brimsteam steampunk LARP ("The Century Rose" sign)

Anyway.  I am falling more and more in love with the Digital Photography forums.  Great ideas, advice, tutorials.  Less pressure of needing more and more expensive equipment – though I still lust over new lenses… and eventually a new camera body. >.<  But they are a great mix of levels of expertise, I don’t feel bad posting shots that I think would be laughed at by pros, and I can see that my work is better than a good number of people sharing.  Ego wise, it’s the perfect mix to really learn.

I shared a few older shots that fit assignments and closed competitions, and I’m seeing that I already know more (and have a better camera compared to my last) than I did a few years ago.  Again, this is great to realize that I am improving and can get even better.

Seriously I have to restrain myself from going to the store right now and getting a new toy.

I definitely want to do more with digital than film.  The price of two partial rolls and CD’s with digital version, well, that’s 1/3 of a CHEAP lens.  I’ll still use them, especially for places I don’t want to risk my good camera and don’t mind “lomo” style shoot from the hip shots, but my heart isn’t there.  Especially when both cameras are technically broken and the flash is unreliable.

OK – off for a weekend of relaxation (maybe some photos?) tonight, major cleaning/decluttering tomorrow, to be rewarded with an adventure Sunday to one of my sacred spots that my love has yet to see!  Oooooh I haven’t been there since getting the dSLR, maybe I SHOULD splurge on a new lens first… 😛

Have a wonderful weekend!!