December 10 Prompt

Author: Susannah Conway

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

(YAY Susannah!  I took her unravelling course and love her writing and photography!)

I had no idea what to reply to this, and thought an answer came to me.  However I misremembered the prompt, the decision part was all I remembered, and it is not an example of wisdom, except that hindsight is often 20/20 😛

SO…. off the cuff now… I am going to say the decision to follow big dreams.

Again – insert the vague reference to the Grand Adventure 😛  Sorry, I wanna spill the beans, but can’t quite yet! That is not playing out yet either, except for giving us hope in getting through situations which are temporary.

The other big decision was that I decided to step up with my photography, with the idea that maybe, eventually, I can generate a little money from it.  Right now, I’d love to just make enough to pour back into better equipment.  But it’s more about improving my skill so that I enjoy the results.

I have NO clue where my photography journey is taking me – there are a million ways this could pan out, I don’t know my photo “voice” or specialty subject yet.  All I know is that I’m walking that journey, and I am dedicating myself to following where it leads me.  At least until the day that it no longer brings me any joy!


(Oh yeah, the decision to say “I do” was a very wise one as well, though technically it was made in 2009 :D)