December 9 Prompt

Author: Shauna Reid
The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Of course our wedding was the best party of 2010!  The place was full of friends and family.  Everyone tried to help out when the DJ’s equipment failed, piano man Danny saved the day by both playing during dinner and dismantling his piano from his truck (see the bottom entry here for an explanation!)  Eventually the dance music was playing, people were dancing and hula hooping.  We took a break to watch fire performers, friends of ours who really honored us with that gift!! The food was pretty good, the cake and pie were delicious, everyone looked amazing!  We were so grateful to the people who made it possible and especially to our friends and family who helped out.  From stringing balloons with LED lights to being a wedding day ninja, the reason we love “burners” so much is that they jump in and do what needs to be done.  I’ve always been like that, and I really appreciate that in other people now 😀

The second best party of the year was on our honeymoon.  Fall Playa Del Fuego, we debuted our own theme camp – a speakeasy casino called “The Pink Elephant”.  Random and his “bromance” best man, Joe, came up with the idea and 90% of the planning and work!  I was busier with wedding plans, and helped confirm the big things that needed to happen – mainly, get our RV on site, and have SOMETHING to offer.
We had SOMETHING in spades, it turns out!  With the awesome assistance of everyone who camped with us, the place looked and sounded amazing.  The music was swinging, the drinks were pouring, the people were betting!  Poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette in this tiny pink corner – sandwiched between big sound camps playing house and techno – seemed to provide just the right amount of relief from the standard PDF activities.  Cigarette girls handed out cigars, cigarettes, and pretzels or peanuts.  The prizes were popular, and a few dedicated women tried to win the top prize of a hula hoop – with a lucky winner who won big time on roulette the last night of the event.

It blew me away, what we created and how much it was enjoyed and appreciated.  It was a blast and I am looking forward to next time.  Joe is trying to bring it to Frostburn, but I am wayyyy to much of a wimp to camp in winter, plus we are saving up our money and time off for spring PDF (and the Grand Adventure of course!)

And I’d show you pics but my PDF pics are still not online.  My self imposed deadline means I should have them up around New Years though 😛 (crossing fingers!)