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Dress up

Remember how much fun it was to go through a box of fun clothes when you were little?  Guess what – it still is! I challenge you to not laugh just looking at this… but maybe it’s just because we had so much laughter during the photo shoot that it’s still putting a smile on our faces.

Deviant Collage

Belated happy new year to all!

I was drunker than I thought, and took longer to recover than expected… but still an awesome time.   Burned a dresser, kissed my love at midnight (and everyone else), and then hooped in the new year.

Today I’m all ADD while sitting at my desk at work.  Recipe for tofu curry.  Reading this awesome blog I found.  Planning game nights.  Discussing fuzzy/lost memories of NYE.  Must get drain-o on way home.  When can I get out of work.  Discussions of lap dances O.o  I just want to go home and play xbox…….  and I need to upload photos from NYE too!

ETA: one of my favorite memories is sitting next to my love on NYD, eating black eyed peas (in an amy’s frozen dinner, with hotsauce added – yes my tummy survived that!) looking at him and knowing that we’ll be ringing in every new year together, and being so happy about making our own traditions. ❤