A friend posted this on tribe, not sure of the source…

Some astrological info on the eclipse tonight…

A lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, endings, exposure and major changes. It always has something to do with “relationships”. The changes are tied to how we relate and will have a lasting impression. Emotions run high, causing upsets and feelings of disorientation. Actions taken often do not have the expected results, but they do bring awareness and enlightenment. The energy of an eclipse is at its strongest during the two days before and three days after its occurrence.

At lunar eclipses we: merge, unite, announce, contact, present ourselves, bring something out into the open, make decisions, engage, rise to the challenge, make an effort, change, get a new perspective, join with others, take on greater challenges, travel at a faster pace, feel restless, feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions, and experience excitement and crisis.

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition, also called the Full Phase, indicating the linking of soul to spirit and awareness of purpose gained through relationship with another. A lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon. The blocking of the Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light by the Earth suggests that our material viewpoint stands in the way of our “seeing the light”. It serves as a reminder that we need to realize how we are held in the dark by virtue of our perspective.

Practicality and logical processes are temporarily out of balance. Harsh realities obscure spiritual ideals and block imaginative solutions. The challenge is to stay open to inspiration regardless of our daily circumstances.

Events associated with this eclipse had their origin in August 2006, were triggered into action in May 2007 and will resurface for completion beginning in November 2008. The last time a lunar eclipse occurred at this degree was in 1729. There was an eclipse close to this degree in February, 1989. A review of your life experiences around that time may provide clues to how you will experience this eclipse.

The eclipse does not have to fall in your sign for you to feel its effects. However, if your birthday is around Jan 7 or 22, Feb 20, Mar 21, Apr 6 or 21, May 22, Jun 22, Jul 8 or 24, Aug 24, Sep 24, Oct 9 or 24, Nov 23, Dec 23, you will definitely have an emotional response. If it makes any contacts to a planet or personal point in your chart, your experience of the eclipse will be heightened. 

The last full eclipse in August 2007, I was at Burning Man.  Watching it with friends from Jersey, and trying not to fall asleep.  Then, shouts that the Man was on fire – someone commited arson and torched it 5 days early…. 

The next one isn’t until December 2010, almost 3 years from now.

As I read my friend’s post up above, it made more sense that I am very antsy, haven’t been able to concentrate at work, right now just needed to get out of here, needing change. 

In discussing how I helped PEX set up and decorate for Heartburn, a friend who, (no offense to him), doesn’t get the burner spirit, says he would have just showed up and partied.  It’s difficult to explain the way we are drawn to give back and contribute to such an amazing community.  Here I sit, berating myself for not getting work done, and on Saturday, I willingly did whatever was needed.  I didn’t get a paycheck in return (in fact, they still need to reimburse me for some supplies I helped get) but it’s an energy exchange of another kind.  I’m not only looking to party and avoid responsibilities, but I only want to put forth my effort when it’s for a good cause.  Of course, a paycheck isn’t a bad cause, as it keeps a roof over my head and gas in the car to drive to Philly.

Just some random eclipse day thoughts.  Fed up with everything, tempted to just hide and sleep it out, but maybe there’s another answer….