So.  Let me set up the scene.Burning Man. It goes Monday to Monday. The energy and the number of people each day grows and grows.

Saturday, as soon as it’s dark, suddenly the mass of 50,000 people and numerous art cars that were running around in chaotic directions up to now all start to migrate to one place.

The middle of the city is where the Man stands. And tonight, he burns.

You sit down as close to the man as you can. Rangers stand guard to protect the inner perimeter. Drinks are passed, you make new friends with the people sitting next to you as you pass the time.

Suddenly, you hear a drum beat. a procession of drummers and keepers of the flame walk around the inner circle

The processional members eventually reach their destination in various places around the man.

The man, for the first time all week, has his arms reached above his head.

And as the drums pick up from a slow beat into a tribal rhythm that you can feel through the ground you are sitting on, the Conclave starts.

The Conclave is the word for the fire performers who perform at this special moment.

Troupes from all over the country and world apply to be part of this. They work on their choregraphy and costumes for over half a year.

when they are done, fireworks will engulf the Man and he will burn.

and guess what….

I’m going to be part of it!!!!

I joined the philadelphia fire conclave group!!!! I’m equal parts scared and excited.  Many of the people in the group are just OUTSTANDING artists, and I’ll have to bust my ass from now until Burning Man (last week of August).  But I’m excited about how much better I’ll be by then, and the people in the group are amazing and supportive.

Now I need to figure out a character/costume for the first part of the piece – we are supposed to pick something that represents America, a stereotype or symbol of the melting pot of the country.  My only idea so far is from Halloween – I dressed up rockabilly/50’s style (I didn’t know what rockabilly was, but it’s pin-up type style, like the opening credits on LA Ink).  I’d have to redo a dress, because it needs to be natural materials (so they don’t melt if hit with fire ;o)   But, I was also thinking of really chopping my hair before BM and coloring it funky.  So the hairdo would be more difficult… 
Still pondering, if you have any ideas for a costume I’d love to hear it! ;o)
 Mr. Green
(All photos in this post are from the photo galleries. Sorry I didn’t pull proper credits on them…)